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Mysterious Man - part 2

Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

Natalie remembered how they spent the summer evenings relaxing on the balcony of their penthouse, sipping wine, cheerful in luxurious loose-fitting apparel while fully aware of each other’s presence. They used to gaze sultrily at one another.

She was a goddess whose magic features left Mariano captured in her spell of stunning beauty, that of wildly exotic passion, with eyes he melted for every moment he gazed into them. Natalie’s sensual gorgeousness left him speechless while succumbing to her every wish.

In a nutshell she made him feel at ease, comfortable in himself, and absorbed in her attractiveness both physically and mentally. They loved each other zealously!

In dire straits because of her predicament, she cried helplessly, wondering if everything was in vain. On one hand she was led to believe he was dead, and on the other she had her doubts. His body parts were challenging to distinguish and his dangler looked awkward and seemed smaller than usual, but then that might have been normal under the circumstances.

The autopsy had not been conclusive, so the detective, Mark Lee quizzed her to find out anything she could add to what he already knew about the ferocious murder. Natalie was frail and incapable of giving informative facts of what happened because she hadn’t a clue. The only evidence to discover his killers would come from investigating deeper.

Afterwards they departed, Natalie went home, and Mark went about searching for leads.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Sultry (adj) = can be compared to sensually in its adverb form. However, sultry means either: 1. very hot and humid: SWELTERING, a sultry day i.e., burning hot: TORRID a sultry sun. 2. hot with passion or anger i.e., exciting or capable of exciting strong sexual desire sultry glances

Succumb (v) = to give in, surrender

Zealously (adv) = in a very enthusiastic and eager way. (syn) single-mindedly, fervently, avidly, ardently, enthusiastically, (ant) indifferently

Dire straits = means in a bad or very difficult situation. "In dire straits" is an English idiom referring to someone who has somehow come to be in a very serious predicament. The implication with this phrase often is that the person or persons who find themselves in such a situation may not be able to extricate themselves from it.

In vain (idiom) = without success or a result. "They waited in vain for a response"

His dangler = (idiom) for his penis. “Put your dangler away. Nothing is going to happen tonight.

Ferocious (adj) = fierce, violent, cruel, brutal, aggressive, wild, savage

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