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Mysterious Man - part ten

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

As an interim plot to the story, today’s blog is an analytical viewpoint of the series which began in May.

Weeks flew by! Lee didn’t have anything concrete to go on apart from remnants of potential drug abuse. The Mariano case was confusing, as it was difficult to tie up loose ends. Inspector Mark thought the fly in the ointment was lack of hard facts which led to a misleading dead-end.

Alfredo wasn’t sure. Could it have been Guzim or the Samson brothers? Then if it was, why? Guzim, he thought he knew well and didn’t have direct contact with his brother. The Samson brothers had dealings, but then what would be the motive? Furthermore, Natalie acted the part.

Everyone was unaware except for Mariano himself. If he had been alive then it all pointed to Natalie who was closer than anyone, and the fact she couldn’t take anymore although she gave the impression, she was the victim. Mariano knew this, as he hadn’t seen eye to eye with her for a very long time, indeed!

Mariano had a few problems. 1. He was an addict. 2. He owed the Samson brothers a wad of money for his dope. 3. He wanted to change his circumstances, and get a new life. 4. He hadn’t brought new business in for some time and consequently wasn’t earning commission which he needed to survive and pay for his addiction. 5. He hated his neighbor.

The deeper we delve into the story the more confusing it becomes to some. However, the brightest individuals are able to see beyond what is printed, and some even have the audacity to conjure up solutions to its fabrication.

What might seem obvious to the mind, isn’t always as it seems. Editions in weeks to come will clarify doubts, change perceptions, and turn mayhem into mystery of deception.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Interim (adj) = temporary, provisional, acting, short-term, intervening, pro tem, ad hoc, (ant) permanent

Viewpoint (n) = belvedere, lookout, vantage point, viewing platform, crow’s nest, view, standpoint, perspective, stance, vantage point

Fly in the ointment (idiom) = A drawback or detrimental factor. “The new library is wonderful but there's a fly in the ointment” or “Their catalog isn't complete yet.” This term probably alludes to a biblical proverb (Ecclesiastes 10:1): “Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour.” [c. 1600]

Misleading (adj) = deceptive, ambiguous, false, confusing, distorted

Unaware (adj) = unacquainted, ignorant, uninformed, heedless, innocent, unconscious, naïve, (ant) conscious

Dope (n) = in slang it can mean a stupid person. (informal) A drug that is used illegally for pleasure. In (British English) dope usually means cannabis. African-American usage means someone or something excellent, great, impressive.

Delve (v) = investigate, research, probe, dig, explore, examine, enquire, inquire, look into

Audacity (n) = boldness, courage, daring, bravery, fearlessness

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