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Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

Today’s EDB finishes the week with therapeutic counseling to prepare for the day ahead. We all need stimulation to get the most out of ourselves. Mindfulness is a state of acceptance. Listening to wonderful enlightening music is a way to capture mindfulness.

It is also the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something, such as a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic cleansing technique.

We need to remove the impurities from our body and spend some time to rejuvenate our battery cells. Toxins are the stress our body harbors. Another way to put it would be to store trash. Like a bin needs emptying, our bodies need clearage of all the garbage that has formed. The act of clearance is ridding, not only the body, but the mind which stores good and bad information.

We have to get rid of the bad while keeping the knowledge. In other words, filter the negative elements that are affecting our mood, causing worries, and creating health issues by facing our demons. If we attend such needs on a regular basis then we maintain a spiritual awareness that strengthens our inner soul.

I see mindfulness as a fountain of eternal youth. Therefore, we need not only clean our minds but work on our overall conditioning. Exercise, eating habits, breathing techniques, sleep quality, etc., are just the basics! It helps us stay young bodily while juvenile in our approach to life itself.

Be Strong – Take Care!

Written by Carl Boniface

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