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Meghan & Harry Blitz

Atualizado: 29 de dez. de 2022

Certainly, their story deserves consideration considering the tale is worth its weight in gold. Gossip artists with their gift of the gab spinoff of victim status paints the picture that everything is not alright whilst the opposing forces are responsible for what could be construed as classic tale of illusion.

According to Mirror Online, it has been reported that the overall deal is worth up to $100m. However, the number hasn't been confirmed by either Harry and Meghan or Netflix so far.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love life is a fairy tale for many for which his parents embraced, afforded them an extravagant wedding which must have run into millions of pounds to create, and then gave them the opportunity to live what for most would be a mega comfortable existence.

She pointed out that she was the victim of the paparazzi and tabloids. Often called the princess who married Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and the 5th in line to become King, she swears blind that the once mega star of the Royal Family was dethroned because the family couldn’t take her celebrity status. This scenario unveils itself in the first three parts of the documentary series.

In the series, Harry backs her up all the way, making it seem like she was bullied. Aren’t we all victims of bullying to some degree? I mean, after watching all six episodes, I was left thinking my own international relationship, etiquette level of diminishing to a certain degree was much tougher to deal with, but I did and dealt with it by myself without crying to get attention.

From, “Howard Stern, discussing the series on his radio show, went further still, calling the couple “whiny bitches.” “So like, where do you go with this?” he said. “Is this your career talking about how humiliated you were being part of, I don’t know, living in a castle — and it’s hard to relate to. It’s like, it looks pretty terrific to me.”

But perhaps even worse was the outright mockery. Martin Short, co-hosting last week’s “SNL” with Steve Martin, quipped: “You know Steve, we are like Harry and Meghan. No one is rooting for us but you’ll tune in to watch anyway.”

How many others have a story to tell? We all have our story though some worse than others that we would like to get off our chests. She must have known what she was letting herself into. The previously married woman from separated parents climbed the ladder to build fame in her Suits role.

You don't have to be a fan of wearing suits to be a fan of Suits. The USA legal drama, created by Aaron Korsh, defied all expectations and stuck around long enough to become Netflix longest-running series — and, yes, now it will live on in our cultural memory for starring Meghan Markle.

According to my mother, she recalls reading an article saying Markle wanted to find a rich Englishman long before she got involved with Harry. When she bumped into him, she must have thought she’d won the lottery. If she expected a simple life after he proposed to her then she was really living a dream.

The paparazzi ties are the price to be paid alongside the lavish and luxurious lifestyle she had chosen. To blame the Royal family and its heritage, and then incorporate racism as part of the equation, in my book is simply a person who wants sympathy for fame.

However, to run with her inconsiderate while ungracious sob story makes my blood boil!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Blitz (n) = bombardment, onslaught, attack, offensive, barrage

worth its weight in gold (idiom) = very useful, valuable, or important. Good teachers are worth their weight in gold.

Gift of the gab (idiom) = the ability to speak with eloquence and fluency.

"I was lucky enough to have the gift of gab, so I could make a living"

Get off our chests (idiom) = to tell someone about something that has been worrying you or making you feel guilty for a long time: I had spent two months worrying about it and I was glad to get it off my chest.

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