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Life’s Up & Down Cycles

Ever noticed how life is full of ups and downs in one’s quest to either achieve success in a specific or multiple fields, or work hard to get on well in life without striving for absolute desire to prove oneself, or simply to get by, by accepting the outcome whatever it may be?

Everyone has their way of addressing lifestyle whether it means getting a buzz out of growth, or settling for the status quo. Whichever way, life’s up and down cycles are part of the equation.

However, some people aren’t balanced well, and as such feel the wrath of “Life isn’t fair!” Others embrace it as something which is uncontrolled and beyond one’s desire. Let’s face it, living on an upward curve by embracing positivism and rarely falling prey to negativism and frustration is the ideal scenario that we all welcome!

Everyone has ups and downs. Even the trained sportsman or sportswoman has high and lows. You can even be on a positive run which could go on for some time, but eventually the negative energy will catch up. The key is being expectant and willing to accept it as part of a very real existence.

Stay fit, balance your activities out, prepare in advance to avoid the unexpected, treat life with respect and never work yourself too hard which can equate to stress and depression, injury, or even burn out; in other words, push forward, but avoid total fatigue by taking on too much.

I came across the following statement in a website regarding how to deal with ups and downs in life which read, “Mechanical things can go in a straight line. Time moves ahead continuously. So can a machine when it’s adequately powered. But processes in fields like history and economics involve people, and when people are involved, the results are variable and cyclical.”

So true, as recently I have been facing a deadline to terminate an international project for a European company and I have no control over receiving a price quotation which is time consuming for my contact. I can’t hold a gun to his head and threaten him, well it isn’t advisable, so I’m relying on building rapport with time constraints to deliver by the deadline.

In my opinion, panicking about it isn’t going to resolve it, but paying attention to detail and finding ways to enhance outcomes are fundamental traits to overcome burdens.

But sometimes it doesn’t involve others, as mood swings cause strife, so it requires a strong mindset to accept and overcome. A positive mindset is an important standpoint to stand tall with the knowledge that it will eventually come together and you’ll be back on track.

Have a wonderful day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Status quo (n) = current situation, existing state of affairs, present circumstances, how things stand

Whether (conjunction) = 1. expressing a doubt or choice between alternatives. "He seemed undecided whether to go or stay." 2. expressing an inquiry or investigation (often used in indirect questions). "I'll see whether she's at home." 3. indicating that a statement applies whichever of the alternatives mentioned is the case. "I'm going whether you like it or not"

Wrath (n) = anger, rage, fury, ire, madness

Rapport (n) = building a decent relationship, bond, link, connection, empathy, affiliation fellowship

Burdens (n) = problems, incumbrances, afflictions, loads, weights, cargos

Strife (n) = trouble, conflict, discord, contention, friction, rivalry, (ant) harmony

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