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Learn English 2 – City Salvage

The war pronounced a conqueror, the challenger contained and prisoners banished from the land. The overcast shadow had been lifted from the city in ruins. It needed to be reconstructed urgently, so the forced-out dwellers could return to their homes.

People were desperate to have them rebuilt, as the city was gloomy from damage and everything was in shambles. Appointed builders started to plan and organize rebuilding the residential estate. At the same time an additional team began repairing office structures. All the construction workers collectively struggled to renew buildings, and then they refurbished them.

The people all helped to get the place in order. The city had burgeoned from the joint effort, and within no time families returned to their homes.

Life was slowly returning to the way it had been beforehand.

Have a constructive day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Challenger (n) = contestant, contender, competitor, opponent, rival

Dwellers (n) = inhabitants, residents, occupants, occupiers, tenants

Gloomy (adj) = low-spirited, melancholy, miserable, unhappy, sad, glum

Damage (n) = injury, harm, hurt, impairment, mutilation, destruction, loss

Shambles (n) = disaster, fiasco, confusion, mess

Burgeon (v) = regular verb meaning to grow or develop quickly; flourish: put forth young shoots; bud. The town burgeoned into a city. to begin to grow or increase rapidly. "The city's suburbs have burgeoned, sprawling out from the center." Similar like grow rapidly. Increase exponentially, expand, spring up, shoot up. Swell, explode, book, mushroom, proliferate, snowball, multiply, become more numerous, escalate, rocket, skyrocket, run riot, thrive, prosper, (ant) shrink. Pronounce: sounds like Bur jinn

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