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Internet Failure

We become so dependent on the internet that if there is any sort of problem with its connection, then we can get panicky. Especially if we give online classes, or have an important meeting to sort out an issue or close new deals. Any important situation could make us edgy to say the least.

The progression of society calls for uninterrupted smoothness, alas it isn’t forthcoming because of human input. Yes, there is stormy weather that can cause thunderstorms that create havoc causing the collapse of energy resources, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions poised to blend with the negative force against us; the human race.

Man made catastrophes like war, conflict over discrepancies, religious disputes, power struggles, and deliberate disruptions are man on his worst behaviour, causing rivalry, and often it is pure greed to have his or her way while taking advantage of a situation that usually involves financial gain. When any of these scenarios occur, the instigator clearly has no regard for those around because such own self gain is his or her objective. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer!

Setbacks can be almighty because time friction creates earnings capacity downfall; not being able to carry out your obligations for a prolonged period could mean losing clients, ruining any chance of closing new business, and for those paid for their online services they either need to reschedule if it suits their client, or run the risk of not having any possibility of charging for the services promised. Imagine a web developer; yes, he can create content, but he/she can’t test because the system of internet is offline.

And then when internet restarts there is that sigh of relief. Thank God! You are back in business. The relief feels good as your breathing returns to calmness and disposition to unblocked status. You are back in the fast lane and poised to return to normal activities.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface  


Vocabulary builder:

Panicky (adj) = frightened, scared, alarmed, fearful, anxious, unnerved, jumpy, edgy, (ant) calm, cool

Alas (adv) = unfortunately, sadly, regrettably, unhappily, unluckily, more’s the pity, as luck would have it

Sigh of relief (idiom) = to relax because something one has been worrying about is not a problem or danger anymore: to feel relieved. We all breathed a sigh of relief when we heard that they were safe.

Fast lane (n) = a traffic lane intended for vehicles traveling at higher speeds. 2. a way of life marked by a fast pace and usually the pursuit of immediate gratification.

Poised (adj) = composed, dignified, self-assured, self-confident, controlled, graceful, easygoing  

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