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Healthy Relationships

Distance is the key to relationship endurance! The farther apart, then over time the longing to be together multiplies. If that feeling isn’t apparent then the relationship never was or is sour.

Healthy relationships are kindled by separation. It allows each party to have a break which rekindles affection. What you can’t have, you want. Too much of a good thing goes against the grain, so it makes sense to rekindle and make relationships work.

Friendship works in the same way. Knowing this helps appreciation of each other. If you see your friends all the time then you are likely to get fed up with them. When you understand this important detail, your relationships will improve. However, it doesn’t mean casting them away. It has to be natural consideration.

Most successful people are busy; they run around to make every moment count. Time is money, so organized people use every moment to enact upon vital ingredients for the cake they are making. They can’t afford to be chatting to friends or family members every time they receive a call. Don’t take it personally; appreciate they are taking life seriously, and aiming for ongoing fulfillment.

Coming from the United Kingdom raises the issue of cold and reserved people which quite honestly is complete BS. I don’t think they are that way at all. They could be considered suspicious and cautious of strangers while not wanting to waste precious time. Time really is a commodity! Perhaps they are greedier timewise because they want to maximize their output and consider chatting for the sake of it wasteful.

Oh, and be careful of the dream stealers out there. Dream stealers are those people who tell you all of the reasons why you can't achieve your dreams. They are the ones who try to be your friend, but then can be mean-spirited like some so-called friends who may not want you to succeed.

I admit I’m greedy with my time. My life, my plan, and whether people admit it or not deep down they are no different. Every one of us has a reason for the way we are. We don’t have to impress others by accommodating their desires. We have to be true to ourselves and work it the best way we know how.

Being friendly, if possible, should be forthcoming! Showing respect and consideration for others, always! Maturity teaches us to be better people. All you can do is keep improving.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Kindled (v) sparked, lit, burnt, burned, ignited, torched, set alight

Sour (adj) = bitter (ant) sweet, bad (ant) fresh. Also sour can be used in regards to food like acid, vinegary, dry, tangy

Against the grain (idiom) = contrary to the natural inclination or feeling of someone or something. “It goes against the grain to tell outright lies."

Grain (n) = food grain, texture, cereal, little bit, small piece, morsel, crumb, granule, particle, smidgen, scrap

Fed up (phrasal verb) = despondent, dejected, down, glum, miserable, discontented, jaded, dismal, tired of, annoyed, disgruntled, bored

Casting them away (idiom) = to get rid of someone or something, especially forcefully: Cast out by his family, he was forced to fend for

himself. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Removing and getting rid of things. abandonment.

Fulfillment (n) = contentment, serenity, self-actualization, satisfaction, success, joy, gratification, happiness, self-realization

BS (abbreviation) = bullshit according to the dictionary is vulgar slang though nowadays it is commonplace, stupid or untrue talk or writing; nonsense.

Greedier (adj) = grasping, money-oriented, acquisitive, eager, materialistic, greedy, selfish

Timewise (adj/adv) = timewise (not comparable) With respect to time.

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