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Gazan Conflict

Two full months of fighting between Hamas and the IDF have caused world outcry. What started out as a terrorist onslaught has become a nation’s offensive to make sure there is never a repeat of what happened on October 7th.

Israel isn’t taking any more chances. They are attacking night and day by bombarding Gaza, and have escalated the process after a short ceasefire when prisoners and hostages were exchanged. We saw the worst barbaric atrocities in the south of Israel when Hamas terrorists infiltrated the border, to pointlessly kill innocent people, including children and the elderly. This was the worst killing of Jews since the Holocaust. Additionally, over 200 civilian hostages were taken back to Gaza.

The reality of the time, was so bad, the West stood up to condemn such violence. There is no excuse for such acts of barbarianism. Israel, responded that same evening by bombing strategic Hamas locations in Gaza in retaliation. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to destroy Hamas, and his army are showing no mercy.

This has created an almighty media revolution and victim status view to acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing by Israel. Hamas have been playing the role to get sympathizers and worldwide support which works to antagonize Palestinians, Muslims and human rights activists to deliver protests and the war of blaming.

Latest events noted below:

  • December 9, 2023 • The Biden administration said it has approved the emergency sale of nearly 14,000 rounds of ammunition worth more than $106 million as Israel intensifies its military operations in southern Gaza.

  • The centuries-old Omari Mosque, Gaza's oldest, was badly damaged in an Israeli strike. An Israeli official told it was targeted because militants were using a tunnel near the structure.

  • Aid organizations say they aren't getting enough food, water and medicine into Gaza. Overcrowding and a lack of physical security for relief workers are also major concerns.

The IDF will not stop until all hostages have been liberated. There are still more than 140 hostages including children. The IDF have now killed over seven thousand Hamas operatives. Many have been plain clothed and fighting out of mosques and hospitals.

There is no safe zone in Gaza because Hamas fighters fight in the so-called safe zones using civilian Palestinians to shield behind. The UN doesn’t condemn it, but rather blames Israel and some of its representatives call Israel the aggressor.

I think it prudent to say, the current war is direct retribution for what occurred on Israeli soil 7th October, 2023.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

IDF = Israeli Defense Force

Onslaught (n) = attack, assault, ambush, offensive, blitz, blitzkrieg

Outcry (n) = uproar, hullabaloo, turmoil, clamor, din, row, hue and cry, protest

Stood up (phrasal verb) = stood is the past tense of the verb stand. However, when a preposition follows it becomes a phrasal verb. It can mean to literally stand from sitting. However, it has other meanings such as

to intentionally fail to meet someone when you said you would, especially someone you were starting to have a romantic relationship with: I don't know if I've been stood up or if she's just late - I'll wait another half hour. In the article the meaning is to defend or support a particular idea or a person who is being criticized or attacked.

Retribution (n) = vengeance, revenge, payback, reprisal, reckoning, justice

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