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Atualizado: 21 de nov. de 2022

Breathing clearly while enthusiastically in the build up to escape the daily routine faced during the week is a welcome sign for prosperity. However, wealth in this case is not financial gain, but rather living a life of richness!

Friendship is when people get together to share life’s connections. It is a moment to enjoy each other’s company, letting go of inhibitions, and having the chance to unwind by having a laugh. Real friendships should be maintained to make life’s journey one of joyful eventfulness.

In my world, family and friends might be judged for their opinions if different. However, none of us are the same in every respect so we need to be able to tolerate certain opinions to live harmoniously. Getting aggressively unstable because a friend has a preference which might not make sense to you, doesn’t fit well in my book.

The good thing about motorcycle riders is their no shame no blame policy and ability to get together and keep things civilized. They can be on opposite spectrums where politics are concerned, but then they have the common sense to avoid turbulence. They aim to have fun, and when they are together, manage to get along and enjoy the outing’s experience.

Nothing is better than running away from stress, turning it around, and coming home emotionally refreshed. Even if our limbs are aching from the thrill of the ride and having to hold on to the handlebars during heavy gusts of wind from the highway whilst travelling at high speeds. High spirits are felt during such getaways.

Custom motorcycle rides are freedom in every sense. Gliding along roads in small groups of passionate enthusiasts is electrifying. Yes, there is some risk involved, however, when in a group of four with over a hundred and fifty years’ experience under their belt, caution and the ability to avoid accidents reduces that risk element.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Outing (n) excursion, trip, daytrip, getaway, day out

High spirits (n) liveliness, exuberance, merriness, cheerfulness

Under one’s belt (idiom) = 1. safely or satisfactorily achieved, experienced, or acquired. "He now has almost a year as Prime Minister under his belt." 2. (Of food or drink) consumed. "John already had a large whisky under his belt."

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