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Feeling Sorry

Atualizado: 24 de abr. de 2023

It is quite normal to feel sorry for oneself, especially after consistent effort has been made over a long period of time. When things don’t go the way anticipated it can lead to frustration and even depression.

English people say sorry all the time as a matter of courtesy when they make mistakes or act untoward, or just for the sake of it to make the impression that they mean well. It’s an inborn quality trait of the British.

People from all over the world can follow suit with the same principal while others may ignore the situation for a number of reasons. They either feel no remorse, have other moral grounds, or simply have different values growing up or by customs in the region in which they live.

In terms of etiquette, politeness is an important trait that can show regret. In other words, an acknowledgement for faults however small. Niceties are small points that make the world a better place as they show appreciation for mistakes made by admitting them. If everyone around took the initiative to say “Sorry!” then perhaps there would be less strife to overcome.

Conflicts, however, small can lead to bigger issues that set the scene for discord and rivalry. Better to say “Sorry” early on by taking responsibility and trying to make peace as harmony conquers war.

Written by Carl Boniface

Match the words with the same meaning:

Custom – Strife

Regret – Conflict

Etiquette – Remorse

Answers will be shown in tomorrow's blog.

Answer from yesterday’s “Business Idea” blog.

Party – celebration

Money laundering – filter dirty finances

Inconspicuously – discreet

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