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Chelsea's New Manager

Enzo Maresca, an Italian will be filling the post as manager for Chelsea FC from 1st July, 2024. He is the 7th Italian manager at Chelsea. After a few friendly matches in July, he’ll be kicking off a new season on August 3rd in a home game against Manchester city.

If you haven’t heard of Enzo, you might be interested to know that he will be leaving Leicester where he headed the team to 36 wins, 4 draws, and 13 losses from 53 matches over a one-year period.

What made him a good choice for Chelsea according to Laurence Stewart and Paul Winstanley, Chelsea’s co-sporting directors, said: ‘We are delighted to welcome Enzo to Chelsea. He has proven himself to be an excellent coach capable of delivering impressive results with an exciting and identifiable style. 

To give you an idea of his managerial background, check out the clubs where he has previously held the manager’s role prior to Chelsea:

After spells on the coaching staff of Ascoli, Sevilla and West Ham United, Enzo took charge of Manchester City's Elite Development Squad in August 2020 and guided them to the 2021 Premier League 2 title.

Enzo has a lot of experience, especially as he was Manchester City’s assistant manager during a year when Pep Guardiola’s team won the triple. His must have learned loads from such a high-level manager, and an elite squad of players.

Moreover, after a stint with Parma and another as assistant coach at Man City, Enzo was appointed head coach at Leicester City in June 2023. The 44-year-old guided the club to the EFL Championship title and promotion back to the Premier League in his first season in charge.

He has been given a 5-year contract with the clause giving the option to extend for another year. Enzo’s staff will include former Chelsea goalkeeper Willy Caballero, Danny Walker, Michele De Bernardin, Marcos Alvarez, Javi Molina and Roberto Vitiello. Ben Roberts will join the staff as goalkeeper coach and has been appointed to the role of head of global goalkeeping.

Enzo Maresca is now officially the fourth permanent head coach to be employed by the Clearlake Capital-Todd Boehly consortium in the space of two years.

The Premier League club lived up to their promise to take days rather than weeks to find a replacement for Mauricio Pochettino, who left Stamford Bridge by mutual consent on May 21 after one season in charge.

Despite their search being conducted and completed in such a short time, several names have been linked with the post. The process of whittling it down to just one has been intense, but Maresca quickly emerged as the number-one choice.

Now everything has been finalised, the initial reaction from Chelsea fans seems to be a mixture of concern, being underwhelmed, dismay aimed towards the owners, and a dash of optimism that he could be the guy. A question on many of their lips, though, is: why him?

According to statistics Mauricio’s team won 26 games out of 51 since he arrived at the club. Pochettino has had a pretty good run in my estimation due to results since 27th December 2023. From 29 matches played, 17 games were won since then whilst 6 drawn, and 6 lost. That’s 80% win or draw ratio. I’m no expert, but it seems pretty positive to me.

Personally, I believe it takes time to gel and create winning results. Mauricio didn’t win any trophies, but he has developed a winning average which likely would have improved over time. He did however leave the team in good order for Maresca to take over.

Like most clubs these days, Chelsea had been compiling a list of potential successors to monitor in case they decided to make a change at the end of the season, but no talks were held with any representatives until Pochettino had left the building.

Despite finishing sixth in the Premier League in his only season, the club conceded that hiring the Argentinian was a mistake. It had not been the right fit, and they clearly had reservations from the get-go last summer given he was handed just a two-year contract with the option for another 12 months.

So, in order to get what they hope will be the right choice on this occasion, a list of criteria was drawn up for the man they were looking for. Every candidate would be assessed on the following ideals:

  • Playing style and philosophy

  • Having the aim to control games, with defensive stability

  • A brand of football that suits the squad already in place and future plans to recruit

  • Desire to forge a relationship with the supporters and build a connection

  • Strong data on keeping players fit and available

  • A record of improving players and getting them to fulfil potential levels

  • Being willing to work within the structure built at the club.

Not everyone was going to score highly in every category, but any chance of Chelsea going back to one of their previous managers/head coaches — Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte, Thomas Tuchel — was a non-starter based on the last bullet point alone. That is not to say Chelsea simply wanted a yes-man, but that trio all have a reputation for clashing with authority figures at clubs (not just during their time at Stamford Bridge) as much as for winning silverware. It is a big factor why they rarely stay in any job for long.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Now watch and listen to Enzo Maresca providing his technical advice. Pay special attention to his English grammar. He speaks very confidently, but requires polishing his English grammar.

Pay attention throughout the video with the comments below:

The correct phrase is "at the same time," which means that two or more things are occurring simultaneously. "In the same time" is not a commonly used phrase.

There are no space, should be, "There is no space." Space is singular and therefore it equals 3rd person verb to be = is

When this situation happen, should be, "When this situation happens." Again 3rd person add s, es, or ies depending on word

We are in completely control, should be, "We are in complete control." In the video Enzo uses an adverb when it is an adjective

But in same times, should be, "But at the same time."

In the same side, should be, "On the same side."

The same thing in the other side, should be, "The same thing on the other side."

When the fullback go inside, should be, "When the fullback goes inside." Or when the fullbacks go inside. Either singular or plural. One or the other.

Where is the solution, should be, "What is the solution."

One of the quality, should be, "One of the qualities."

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