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Football Player

A professional football player is one that has talent. He or she is someone who has the determination to succeed.

However, to arrive at such a destination much practice is required. Another way of expressing such a level of professionalism is a man with a dream is a man on a mission. Good players aren’t born, but rather they aspire to greatness by developing their ability to produce excellent standards.

The FIFA professional football landscape provides a fascinating insight into the structure of professional football across the world, including the following takeaways: Nearly 130,000 professional players and more than 4,400 professional clubs have been identified around the world.

To be a top world star it requires a flair for the game and consistent effort. Mindset also plays a major role in developing such skills. Here is a list of the world’s best 100 male players in 2023. The women’s football league is also building on the world stage, and here is a list of the world’s best 100 female players.

If you are a keen football enthusiast then check out the statistics above to gain more knowledge about this incredible entertainment that has flooded the worldwide market. Today it is a massive industry and money-making machine.

All the best!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Standards (n) = values, morals, ethics, ideals, principles, benchmarks

Landscape (n) = scenery, scene, setting, background, panorama, countryside

Takeaways (n) = take-out, carryout, ready-made-meal, fast food. However, in the article it means information that can be taken from the note.

Flair (n) = talent, skill, aptitude, feel, ability, knack, gift, genius, style (ant) ineptitude

Keen (adj) = intense, strong, acute, deep, powerful, profound, extreme, ardent, (ant) mild

Flooded (adj) = underwater, swamped, water-logged, inundated, engulfed

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