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Atualizado: 27 de nov. de 2022

Since the beginning of the political campaign Bolsonaro has changed his tone to be one of calmness and correctness, in order to gain more votes as the appeaser.

However, we all know he is loud mouthed, irritating, and uncompassionate towards those who have honest, down to earth concerns about the country’s direction, livelihood of their family and their moral standards of acceptance in today’s world and global movement. He made fun of those who don’t follow his line of thought. This was evident with his attitude toward the gay community and ordinary citizens who are underprivileged, other far-right wing world leaders, and reluctance to embrace global warming measures which without beating around the bush is important for future generations.

Consequently, he has divided Brazilians and made a laughing stock of country folk all around the world. His methods are fascist and pig-headed.

Bolsonaro who voted in favor of a bigger, 4 billion reais advertising budget for political campaigns has used massive amounts of financial budget to develop an expensive crusade to win over more votes. If he believes in democracy then why does he scorn Lula so much and basically bully Lula supporters by inventing exaggerations to dethrone his lead from the first vote?

Bolsonaro’s tone is of the innocent while concerned politician who is a family man and wants to stand up for family rights. He even has his younger current wife by his side to help him gain more votes. Then he uses religion to back up his saintly ways which frankly is another one of his weak attempts to gain votes from ordinary church goers.

Perhaps many church goers know no better and believe he is the answer to a deeply corrupt group of politicians who have plagued Brazil since the military rule ended in 1985. One woman politician once said it once in the senate, “corruption is in the DNA of all of our politicians!”

If Bolsonaro does get reelected then let’s pray, he delivers!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Beat around the bush (idiom) = discuss a matter without coming to the point. "He beats around the bush when something doesn’t work, and therefore continues to waste time instead of dealing with the matter in hand."

Pig-headed (adj) stubborn, determined, inflexible, tenacious, persistent, obstinate, headstrong, fixed

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