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Become a Better Person

What can you do to become a better person might seem unreasonable considering there is so much confliction in the world we live. Discrepancies make it hard enough to put up with all the negative energy we encounter on a daily basis.

However, we either enter the flow, or go into a downward spiral. Acceptance isn’t the perfect answer, but it is an adequate one because other people’s issues aren’t ours, and quite frankly trying to sort out other people’s problems is easier said than done. Becoming a better person is avoiding conflict, and aiming to placidly overcome issues by using positivism as the source to reach a better quality of life.

However, if we can help others by being kind and gentle while helpful then we are contributing to their wellbeing which is kind of stimulating, to say the least. The cost is minimal, if at all, apart from time. Obviously, time is money, but dedicating some of it to a better cause is always worth its weight in gold.

I’m talking about creating and attracting wealth. Contrary to what most people think, i.e., you get paid for where you work and what you do, the salary, or if you are self-employed the results you achieve equal income. This is next level stuff, so think long and hard about what follows below.

Clearly, you get what you give. In other words, if you produce some kind of product, you should get paid a certain value for each item produced. If you do an advanced quantity then perhaps you get a bonus, or some other benefit. This isn’t rocket science, and to master earning potential, you work as hard as possible to maximize gains, or you look for a better opportunity.

However, to become a better person you need to polish your game plan. One major way is to eat, train, sleep, communicate with yourself, and do whatever it takes to be fit and healthy while streamlining your approach to learning how to become a better person. Then you might want to meditate. Deep breathing is also another technique that oxygenates you which in turn with meditation will enhance the experience.

Communicating with yourself works wonders for self-esteem. The real key is understanding all the elements to consider connection with spiritual recognition which teaches us that there is more. It doesn’t matter that we are just pinpricks in this life, but it allows us to follow a more delightful path. You see, working to improve our mind and body in conjunction creates a spiritual awareness that to a certain degree makes us feel invincible. It isn’t that it literally makes us invincible, but it provides a comfortable sense that we are doing our best to become a better person.

Not everyone has extensive resources, so wealth financially might not be achievable. However, knowing you are making an effort to produce results enthusiastically provides satisfaction and fulfillment. And anyway, if you stay objective you should be able to earn enough to survive, and live a good life. As long as you really are committed, don’t crucify yourself because you aren’t a millionaire.

Remember that real wealth comes from health, so make the effort to workout regularly, and appreciate your small contribution to the bigger picture is worth more than you think! Thinking can get you so far, whereas taking action will increase the odds in your favor.

Take care!

Prof, Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Quite frankly (phrase) = is a phrase meaning 'to be blunt', or 'in all honesty'. Often, the phrase is used to suggest that the person speaking is not censoring their thoughts or feelings, expressing themselves freely, without wanting to pass judgment.

Placidly (adv) = calmly, sedately, serenely, gently, peacefully, quietly, mildly, tranquilly

To say the least (phrase) = to not describe something in the strongest way you could, often in order to be polite: The dinner was not tasty, to say the least.

Worth its weight in gold (idiom) = useful, helpful. If you say that someone or something is worth their weight in gold, you are emphasizing that they are so useful, helpful, or valuable that you feel you could not manage without them.

This isn’t rocket science (idiom) = when someone says that something is not rocket science, it means it's not difficult. In other words, it's easy to do or understand. This idiom is probably inspired by the study of rocket science which isn't exactly easy.

Streamlining (n) = reshuffling, reorganization, rearrangement, restructuring, reform. In other words, making adjustments to improve the process.

Spiritual recognition (n) = spirituality involves the recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than myself, something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine in nature.

Pinprick (n) = a very small hole, pinhole, puncture, perforation, cut, incision

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