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A Great Life

Having a great life isn’t an easy task, if that is what you want though it should be. Throughout life there are cycles, in simple terms known as ups and downs. We play them out, often on a high note and sometimes low. These are a form of vibrations, the very substance that’s makes us tick.

Human vibration is defined as the effect of mechanical vibration of the environment on the human body. During our normal daily life, we are exposed to various sources of vibration, for example, in buses, trains, cars. People are exposed to vibrations during their life term.  

According to research, the natural frequency of a human-standing body is about 7.5 Hz, and the frequency of a sitting posture in the cab (taxi) for example is generally 4–6 Hz. The frequency of our bodies could influence our overall posture and the way we feel which could be directly related to having a great life.

Deep breathing and closed-eye visualization are techniques that mindfulness meditation usually employ to boost alpha waves. Besides relaxation, alpha waves may also help boost creativity. They also act as a natural anti-depressant by promoting the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin.

These waves measure between 8 and 12 Hz, indicating the brain is active but relaxed. While researchers are still learning more, there is some evidence that alpha waves play an important role in well-being in yesterday’s blog. Increasing this type of brain activity may help lower depression, combat anxiety, and increase creativity.

Another important way to determine having a great life is how we are able to control our emotions. Pay attention to heavy drama scenes in films or TV series when loved one pass away, or get caught up in an accident, or emotionally disturbing scenes. You might notice how some of the stars get very emotional which continues for several days. I suppose it’s part of the plot to use the emotional side of life.

Suffering could be construed as normal. It is common as all human beings are emotionally involved, so it may be considered totally normal, and for many it is. However, having the ability to control your emotions can really be a decisive factor in your wellbeing and reduction of suffering.

Don’t fall victim to what others do, i.e., it doesn’t mean being cold and spiteful, but having the skill to monitor areas that can help you become robust is a life changer; internal control is one’s ability to harness the power and strength to have a great life.

In chess the objective is to put the king in checkmate, to put the king in a position that there is no escape. Emotions are similar in that if it is not stopped, the king will keep moving in a lingering fashion.

A sore loser is a person who cannot let go of his emotional defeat, as in bad loser, someone who holds a grudge for a very long time after the defeat. Or for example, when someone close dies. Yes, of course it is very sad. However, it has happened, and cannot be turned around. Learn from it, and let the pain go. Acceptance is not wrong, but rather understanding that everything must change, nothing stays the same.

Palestinians were not prepared to peacefully allow Jewish settlers in the early 20th century. They held a bitterness towards Jews all through to Israel’s independence of 1948. Since then, they have never been prepared to come to any agreement though they were offered many. Every time they broke any sort of pact, it’s because they hold the belief that the land belongs to them, and have been unwilling to accept change.

We need to learn from our mistakes, change according to need, and embrace opportunity to get the most out of our circumstances. A great life is achievable.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Spiteful (adj) = malicious, vindictive, mean, nasty, unpleasant, vicious, unkind, hurtful, (ant) kind

Linger (v) = remain, loiter, stay, delay, dawdle, stay behind, hang back, hang on, hang around, stick around. Lingering or lasting time period

Grudge (n) = complaint, rancor, bitterness, dislike, resentment, hatred, antipathy, chip on your shoulder, feeling of resentment, ill will  

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