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Word USAGE - To BE

Your teacher will help you learn English. Learning English is easy when you know how. However, if you are unable to have classes, then use a dictionary and online translator to facilitate learning.

It is important to learn grammar in the beginning, as it will help you develop your English language skills.

Here are a few grammatical options:

Pronouns: I, you, we, they / He, she, it

Possessive Pronoun: our (it belongs to us) her (she owns the situation)

Objective personal pronouns: me, you, her, him, it, us, you, and them / Articles: a, an, the

Propositions: with, in, to (destination or direction)

Conjunctions: or, and, for / Verbs: use, be, express, know, learn, study, make

We use the verb to be in English to express our situation and the condition we are in, or the condition of someone or something else.

  • I am Carlos. I am 29 years old. I am happy because I am learning English. English is an international language. Life is very good!

  • You are Erica. You are 27 years old. You are happy because you are learning English with me. English is for your future. It is very good.

Now you try it. Feel free to use the verb list below:

  1. We _______ Pete, Martin, and Suzanne. _______ are all happy to be studying the English language. My wife and I _______ travelling with our son Martin to England next year. We _______ excited!

  2. She _______ going to learn English because ______ job requires it.

  3. He _______ 25 years old and about to go on a journey around the world. He _______ English every day.

  4. I _______ studying English because it _______ me happy!


To be: I AM, you ARE, we ARE, they ARE / He, she, and it IS

To use: I, you, we, they USE / He, she, and it USES

To express: I, you, we, they EXPRESS / He, she and it EXPRESSES

To learn: I, you, we, they LEARN / He, she, it LEARNS

To know: I, you, we, they KNOW / He, she, and it KNOWS

To study: I, you, we, they STUDY / he, she, it STUDIES

To make: I, you, we, they MAKE / he, she, it MAKES

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