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Wishing On a Star

Everyone wishes upon a star! Meaning: To wish upon a star often refers to making a wish after seeing the first star in the sky at night. Many children believe that if you wish upon a star, your wish will come true.

Stars are bright! How bright a star appears in the night sky depends on its size as well as how far away from us it is. The closest star is about 25,300,000,000,000 miles (39,900,000,000,000 kilometers) away, while the farthest stars are billions of times farther than that.

When we grow up, we break away from wishing upon a star, but we still have dreams. Some are bigger than others. Some dreams are accomplished, whereas others are so far-stretched that they are unlikely hopes, or they are fantasy adventures.

Dreams come about as a part of brain activity when you sleep, which may involve the mental processing of your emotions, the consolidation of your memories, or warning signs to prepare you as a biological response.

It's important to know that dreams can come in many different types and to understand these different types of dreams that you can have. Some of the most common types of dreams you might be familiar with like nightmares, daydreams, and lucid dreams.

There are several levels of lucid dreaming: knowing that you are dreaming, being able to control your own dream actions in a wake-like fashion, or being able to manipulate your dream surroundings.

I’ve noticed that as I age, dreams are less frequent. In fact, I cannot even remember having a dream, so that just shows you I must have lost the ability to think outside the box and get excited about something magical occurring. Or that I’m content with my situation and accept reality.

Relative dreams like wishes can be achieved, as they are accruable on merit. What is the point of dreaming too big, and then not reaching your goal? That would be a big disappointment. However, dreams like wishes are conditional because they arouse curiosity and help people act on impulse to push themselves to new levels of growth.

In other words, people who see the bigger picture are more likely to work on development habits, therefore taking them out of their comfort zone to fulfill objectives. By stretching limits, growth can be achieved!

Having wishes and dreaming about managing to reach them is stimulating to say the least, but with today’s circumstances of realistic appraisal in which everyone is speaking out about human rights and causing outcry with violent and bizarre confliction for acceptance when the world already has acceptable moral virtues by the majority, then one could think it prudent to wait until the world has stabilized.

Oh, go on, let your hair down, roll up your sleeves, and get to work. Take action and follow your dreams. Remember, for those who dream big, the sky is the limit!

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Farthest (adj) = furthest, utmost, uttermost, outermost, extreme, farthest away

Accruable (adj) = having the ability to be accrued. qualifies as one more item for the list of collateral damage accruable to this war.

Realistic appraisal (n) = active, persistent, and careful reflection on beliefs, values, attitudes, ethics, and emotions that motivate one to take action. Identify personal strengths and areas for improvement.

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