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Ultimate Success

Atualizado: 7 de dez. de 2022

This article has been written for students wishing to improve. The emphasis is on vocabulary and subject matter that encourages reading and thinking. In essence, improving word retention while facilitating comprehension which are both extremely important when learning the English language.

Young people usually compare success to financial independence because money provides an abundance of liquid assets. Winning the success trail is more than economic freedom. Affluence is having enough funds to be able to purchase big homes, flashy cars, and the finer things in life – an exorbitant lifestyle!

No one should take away such a dream, however, in 99.9% of the cases, earning it legally is an unattainable dream. The truth often hurts to hear though preparation in life is what helps overcome obstacles in one’s quest to be the best of themselves. A reality check then is perhaps the way to keep one’s feet on the ground, and not go off on unrealistic tangents.

Striving forward is the way to go, being a go-getter keeps scholars and entrepreneurs hungry for success while down to earth hard-working students and workers provide the spark to getting on in life. Finding an idea that fulfills a market demand could be the ticket to making it. Streamlining approaches to success are paramount if one is serious about their intentions.

Success isn’t wealth, but rather health. Without health what can be achieved? At the same time money is required to have a standard of life that fulfills survival instincts and provides a fitting existence. Living well requires working to achieve enough monetary success to appreciate circumstances. Moreover, success to each and every one of us is different!

As a young man my dreams pushed me into the sales environment. Why sales, you may ask? Sales meant commission based on performance. Income could be determined by my effort. My confidence proceeded me, and I was ultra-pumped to show my magnetism to get new business deals. Communication really makes a difference when trying to get your point across and convince others that what you have got is worth acquiring.

Success to me then was closing new business. The sense of self-worth from prospecting to sales leads, pitching and interaction to those potential clients while creating the desire, and finally reading a person’s buying signals to closing deals made me feel invincible. I was a warrior and winner on my own terms. Anyone, could have done it with perseverance and drive.

Written by Carl Boniface

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