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Strengthening Outlook '400th blog'

What better way to improve posture than practical experience. There isn’t any theoretical study or academic achievement that will prepare you for life apart from getting down to the nitty gritty!

Qualifications are fundamental attributes to securing career paths, as human resources staff expect to see proficiency levels, but they also look for hands-on experience. Even if you have got it then you need to reinvent yourself by showing an interviewer your general knowledge and skill to understand what a specific company is aiming for, and that you have the talent to overcome objectives and plough ahead full steam by showing intellectual acumen to impress!

The first impression leaves a mark that would strengthen one’s outlook to enhance potential job placement. If a second interview is required then cross-examination with the same if not better attitude could lead to advanced benefits and consequently more chance of closing the deal. At the end of the day, marketing and selling yourself is the surefire way to increase potential and assure your success rate.

One softback book I wrote before the pandemic and a certain amount of panic in the beginning felt by any well-balanced person was Deeds-2-Improve, a self-development personal account of snippets of information to give the edge in life, build confidence, develop communication skills, motivate, even help create a winning CV, and other nuggets to build self-esteem. Currently it is available to purchase in Brazil by online order. Click the link above to get your copy.

There are ten effective chapters to increase SELF-AWARENESS, whilst also each has multi-choice questions that are given to help think outside the box. Additionally, there are vocabulary sections to amplify study power. Bonus crosswords for word recollection are included while neat information-packed literature to maximize content retention.

Deeds-2-Improve is an ENGLISH LANGUAGE and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT book and communication booster aimed at optimizing fluency while teaching life enhancement skills to take pupils to the next level. It enhances career prospects by being in a class of its own with top-notch tips.

Deeds-2-Improve is geared from intermediate to advanced English learners, this management process tool will help develop performance levels. The course can be taken advantage of, as either self-study or teacher accompanied

Deeds-2-Improve has been created for openly-aware readers. Topic-material leans towards self-sufficiency as a means toward competent thinking.

Have an exciting day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Nitty gritty (idiom) = (informal) the most important aspects or practical details of a subject or situation. "Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of finding a job."

hands-on (adj) = practical, applied, real-world, everyday, real, useful

Acumen (n) = understanding, knowledge, sense, insight, perception, intelligence, astuteness, prudence

Surefire (adj) = reliable, dependable, safe, definite, certain, sure, guaranteed, assured, (ant) doubtful

Snippets (n) = extracts, pieces, bits, scraps, clips, snatches, morsels, shreds, a small piece or brief extract. "He provided snippets of information about the war."

Nuggets (n) = a valuable piece of information, bits, chunks, lumps, pieces, hunks, wads, titbits, tidbits

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