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Say it How it is

My daughter just told me she is going out on a date with some hunky dude. It got me thinking about her past experiences, and the type of guys she usually goes for. And then it made me realize, she has made some bad decisions selecting the right guy in the past, but then so what, at least she says it from the heart and goes with her instincts.

She is problematic, but then no one is perfect, as we all try, preferably until. Some make it whilst others struggle to get on and go the distance. You’ve got to let your hair down, roll up your sleeves and go for it. Honesty is everything! You either say it how it is, or be who you are not, and say what others want you to say.

Unfortunately, we have to keep certain facts from others to appease them and avoid conflict. In other words, we feel obliged to fib in order to facilitate whatever it is we are trying to achieve. It isn’t that we are lying, but rather avoiding upsetting whoever it is we are dealing with. If they cannot be bothered to listen to us then we either bow our head and go along with them, or tell it how it is and create a disagreement.

Greed is the mother of all douchebags, as it separates decent people from those who are totally self-absorbed and wanting every last cent.

What are the 5 ill effects of greed?

1. we try to snatch things which we don't have.

2. we become over possessive about our things.

3. we get jealous of the people who are having the things which we don't have.

4. we try to spend less so that money could be used for buying our favourite things.

5. we get more aggressive to get something.

One of the most difficult things in life is dealing with people who are so insensitive to what those around them are saying because it doesn’t suit their agenda, and they know better.

Yes, if they see the bigger picture then they could have reason, but often they are doing well financially, and get over protective not to spend what is required to get the job done. Their greed supersedes their need to listen to a manager who can see beyond their basic reasoning which hinders matters.

You can intelligibly use your judgment to persuade others that it’s your way or the highway by speaking from the heart. Whether they are moved by your pitch is another story!

Have a superb day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Go the distance (idiom) = in boxing it means to complete a fight without being knocked out. "He went the distance after being floored in the first round." (of a boxing match) last the scheduled length i.e., “He completed six of his fights and went the distance." In baseball it means to pitch for the entire length of a game. "He went the distance on the mound." to manage to continue until the end of a competition.

Fib (n) = untruth, story, lie, whopper, falsification, white lie, telltale, (ant) truth

Douchebag (n) = in the dictionary it means a small syringe for douching the vagina. However, most people use it to say in slang, “mother fucker, or wanker” mainly used in the USA.

Intelligibly (adv) comprehensibly, understandably, clearly, plainly, lucidly, logically

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