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Romantic Tiffs

Romance is not only love, but passion in full swing. Personally, every time I hear Peter Pearson and his music my whole body unwinds while my mind goes off in a tangent towards special romantic times from the past. It’s these moments that touch a nerve and joy is remembered.

Romance isn’t always rosy, as tiffs are part of the romantic experience. Yes, unfortunately arguments are part of the relationship process. Like everything, there are ups and downs. A wise man once told me what goes up must come down. In other words, it is impossible to never fall out. Falling out is having opposing forces.

A petty quarrel shouldn’t end a romantic relationship, but it does cause friction that needs sorting out. Lovers-tiffs are common in highly stressed situations due to financial instability, problems that can’t easily be resolved, and a wide-range of mitigating circumstances like mood swings from lack of sleep and family issues, etc. Often though a romantic tiff is a trivial or short-lived dispute between lovers.

Tolerance is a learned attribute that needs polishing if the romance is serious. Putting up with another’s defects has to be embraced and a common understanding of differences met with comprehension. Not everyone is the same and opposites often attract. Of course, the chemistry must be alive to thrive in a relationship.

Maturity to handle imperfections sets the weak apart from the strong, who will make it and who will not. Love needs cultivating and ongoing effort to build into an unbreakable fortress.

Take care! Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Unwinds (v) = wind down, let everything go, calm down, chill out, loosens

Tiffs (n) quarrels, arguments, fallings-out, squabbles, disagreements

Mitigating (adj) = having the effect of making something bad less severe, serious, or painful, or lessening the gravity of an offense or mistake.

Thrive (v) = flourish, prosper, succeed, boom, blossom, be healthy, (ant) deteriorate

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