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Realistic Approach

The bottom line is that feeling great is enthralling because life is controlled by our actions. Many say we are what we eat. Others profess that we can be anything we desire. Personally, I think that last statement seems too far fetched when we consider there are limitations, and circumstances beyond our control. However, the sky is the limit when we aim to be a winner!

An example of this is desiring to be an astronaut which might be an exciting prospect for some, but come on, how many people will end up rocketing to the moon? Another classic is saying to yourself that you are going to bench-press 1,000kg in the gym when the reality is another, as the current world record is held by Jimmy Kolb. On July 29th, 2023, at the 2023 IPA Tristar Bash meet, he successfully locked out 635 kg (1,401 lb), beating the previous record by 23 kg (51 lb). So clearly, it is an unrealistic goal.

Realism is the key to understanding where you are, what needs to be done to shine on that particular project you have committed to take on, and evaluating the pros and cons to a successful outcome. And then taking action, by working towards realistic targets, having the right attitude and will power to succeed.

No better way to produce tangible results than having the temperament to take worthwhile steps on a daily basis. Seek educative steps to overcome hurdles while defining techniques which need to be implemented. Stretch to grow, so you can deal with issues at hand, and don’t be afraid of going beyond bounds that have previously been stumbling blocks in previous endeavors. The world is your oyster!

Realistic attempts involve a clear attitude and understanding of yourself and your limitations. Additional education is important, but don’t forget your ability to perform which means having a healthy body and mind to knock out those extra tasks that play an imperative role in the success of your final goal.

Take some time out for alone time when you can work on your emotions and the spiritual side so necessary to hold it together. Perhaps meditation like yoga or pilates, or deep breathing which helps reduce stress, create blood flow, and an overall wellness that will propel your daily efforts.

There is no magic formula to succeed, it comes down to a burning desire and strength of character to chip away at your destiny!

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface   


Vocabulary builder:

Enthralling (adj) = fascinating, beguiling, engrossing, gripping, riveting, captivating, absorbing, enchanting, alluring, action-packed, (ant) boring

Will power (n) = control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.

"Most of our bad habits are due to laziness or lack of willpower."

The world is your oyster! (idiom) = “the world is your oyster” means that you can do anything you wish or go anywhere you want in your life because you have the ability to do so. In spoken English, it is quite widely used to encourage someone that they have choices and can lead their lives in a way that they desire.

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