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Reaching Utopia

Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

Paradise is a long way away in a remote location, however, we all dream. To some never-never land is as close as they will ever be while for others it’s an attainable seventh heaven.

Some people struggle throughout life by working hard and saving every penny they gather to take a well-deserved holiday to an exotic island. There they enjoy the hot sunny weather, oasis type retreat with soft gold sand and crystal-clear ocean views. The family break fulfills them!

For others the fight to survive doesn’t allow them to spread their wings and fly to such tropical places, and instead they settle for the status quo. Their existing state of affairs means their plight is a one-way ticket downhill. Such situations are everyday living for many people around the world.

Imagine trying your luck on a lottery ticket and getting the trump card. Your prayers are answered and you take that luxury vacation. Where would you go, who would you go with, and how long would you stay? Remember, you are a winner and have won sufficient money!

So, what makes the difference between winners and losers? Is it luck, and if so, is luck something that comes at a price? For example, luck could be a fluke. In other words, a blessing. Either good fortune or planned effort to reach an objective. Those who study and work hard stand much more chance of being successful.

Bill Gates wasn’t lucky. He worked night and day in his garage to produce an idea that eventually turned into Microsoft. Another winner who deserves everything he has got is Mark Zuckerberg who worked out of his college dorm room to co-found the social-media giant, Facebook.

Find word/s with the same meaning in the text:

A. Utopia

1. _____________ 2. _____________ 3. _____________

B. Existing state of affairs

1. _____________

C. Trump card

1. _____________

Correct answers from yesterday’s ‘Fumbling Mess’, Blog:

A. Correct answers are ‘slipup’, and ‘blunder’,

B. Correct answer is ‘clumsy’

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