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Psychology Reasoning

To be fair I’ve never been into psychology and having a shrink as a personal consultant to help me get by and deal with life. That came about via my parent’s view on reducing the capacity to think for oneself and have a clear picture of what can happen throughout life, learning from knowledge and experience, and making decisions based on logic, and emotional awareness. 

Studying Psychology is one thing, whereas getting knowledge and experience of life is another. Can the person who has life skills get a better understanding of psychological behaviour? Yes, of course if they have had the grounding to cope. Good parents take the time to sit and have meals together while conversing about life, helping their children overcome issues, and providing wisdom to be prepared for life’s mishaps. Even if they miss that connection, they have a moral obligation to support their offspring wholeheartedly, and find some time to build an instructive setting that school cannot offer. 


Moreover, having life skills can enhance one's understanding of psychological behavior. While studying psychology provides theoretical knowledge, gaining knowledge and experience through life skills can provide a more practical and real-world perspective on human behavior.

Life skills such as empathy, communication, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence can greatly contribute to understanding psychological behaviors. These skills can enable individuals to better empathize with others, communicate effectively, analyze complex situations, and comprehend the emotions and motivations behind human behavior.

Furthermore, life experiences can provide firsthand insight into different aspects of psychological behavior. Interacting with diverse individuals, facing various challenges, and navigating through different life stages can offer a deeper understanding of how psychological factors influence behavior.

By combining theoretical knowledge obtained through studying psychology with practical knowledge gained from life skills, individuals can develop a more holistic understanding of psychological behavior. Understanding both the theoretical foundations and the practical applications of psychology can provide a more comprehensive perspective on human nature and behavior.

Many people need help to navigate through life, coping with challenges, and overcoming issues they face and cannot come to terms with. Psychologists play a very important part for them.

In other words, life is no joke; and even the most robust individuals who think they are in control sometimes need a helping hand.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Shrink (n) = it is not respectful to refer to therapists as "shrinks." Using the term "shrinks" to refer to therapists is considered informal and conversational and may be perceived as derogatory or dismissive in professional or clinical settings.

Grounding (n) = foundation, basis, preparation, training, instruction, education, basic knowledge

Mishaps (n) accidents, calamities, misfortunes, disasters, catastrophes

Holistic (adj) = all-inclusive, rounded, full, complete, general, universal, whole

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