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Palestine – What Really Happened

Yes, the British lied to Hussein, a rebel, in order to get the Ottoman Empire to leave Palestine. Then The Brits promised France a cut of the pie, as well as an opportunity for Jewish people to relocate to create their own home in Palestine.

I found this video which is an excellent presentation for those Palestinian supporters who jump to the conclusion that Israel is inhumane when the fact remains that this group of Arab Nazis literally hated the Jews and are behind all the bloodshed that is currently going on in the Middle East.

In 1915 Sir Henry McMahon, British High Commissioner in Egypt, offered Sherif Hussein of Mecca an independent Arab State if he would help the British fight against the Ottoman Turks. Hussein's interest in throwing off his Turkish overlords converged with Britain's war aim of defeating the Ottomans. Sure enough, in 1916 the revolt began with Hussein's sons Faisal and Abdullah leading the fighting.

The thing is, it was in their interest to get rid of the Ottoman Empire, so they jumped at the opportunity to help the British. Clearly, McMahon lied, but that is one individual who may have had his reasoning. It wasn’t actually carved in stone, so it didn’t work out. Move on!

Whatever happened, I don’t see how Palestinians today can use that as reasoning behind what has happened with the Jewish settlers legally coming to the land, fighting for their right to exist, and creating independence. Israel provides equal rights for the remaining Arabs, but it is the unrighteous Arabs who cannot abide in peace.

Instead, they add more coal to the already burning fire which means the hatred masticates from both sides. On one hand Israelis want peace, but then on the other there are the Palestinians who have built so much resentment they are unlikely to ever settle down and accept any kind of peace agreement, as we have seen since the first attempt to ratify the situation.

The implementation of a two-state solution would involve the establishment of an independent State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel. The first proposal for a separate Jewish and Arab states in the territory was made by the British Peel Commission report in 1937. The Arabs weren’t interested!

On September 17, 1978, after nearly two weeks of secret negotiations at Camp David, Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin signed the Camp David Accords — the first peace agreement between Israel and one of its Arab neighbors. 

In the end, while the Summit did not produce a formal peace agreement, it successfully produced the basis for an Egyptian-Israeli peace, in the form of two “Framework” documents, which laid out the principles of a bilateral peace agreement as well as a formula for Palestinian self-government in Gaza and the West Bank.


As many know, Israel completely pulled out of Gaza in 2005. They even dragged out many Jewish families who had thriving businesses, people who didn’t want to leave. After they had gone, Palestinians burned the properties and factories to the ground instead of using the installations for their own commerce.

In 2006 Hamas was elected to be the controlling authority in Gaza whilst a year later Hamas fighters took control of the Gaza Strip, while Fatah officials were either taken as prisoners, executed, or expelled. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reported that at least 161 people were killed and more than 700 were wounded during the fighting.

Hamas had already been branded as a terrorist organization by England, the USA, and many European countries years before the October 7th barbaric atrocity. Hamas openly says it wants to destroy Israel. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators across the world chant, “Free Palestinian from the river to the sea.” This mantra is support of Hamas’s desire to destroy Israel.

Many Pro-Palestinian supporters are unfamiliar with the history of the region, and as such cannot make justified reasoning. However, like sheep they follow the herd. Of course, with Hamas’s shielding victims in Gaza it adds to why they support Gazans in the first place. Ignorance is no excuse!  


In other words, they are not a rational group of people who lead Palestine. The Palestinians voted them in at the beginning, so the latest Middle East catastrophe was fully provoked by a group of fanatics who are out of control and represent Gazans.

The latest war in Gaza is a direct consequence of a race who are not prepared to live in peace, but when they are paying the price for their acts of October 7th, they cry out to the world that they are the victims.

In my opinion, this is total sickness and as people they have to be squashed into submission. If not, then most definitely further massacres will occur.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Coal (n) = ember, char

Masticates (v) = chews, munches, crunches, chomps, grinds, pulverizes, eats  

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