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Islamic Jihad

Islamic Jihad sounds rather scary, but in actual fact “Jihad” literally means striving, or doing one's utmost. Within Islam, there are two basic theological understandings of the word: The “Greater Jihad” is the struggle against the lower self, the struggle to purify one's heart, do good, avoid evil and make oneself a better person. The “Lesser Jihad” is an outward struggle. See what many know in the following video:

Muslims will have you believe that Jihad may also involve fighting against oppressors and aggressors who commit injustice. It is not “holy war” in the way a crusade would be considered a holy war, and while Islam allows and even encourages preaching, it forbids forced conversion. In Islamic tradition, the form of jihad that involves fighting requires specific ethical conditions under which it is permissible to fight, as well as clear rules of engagement such as the requirement to protect non-combatants. Scholars have compared Jihad that involves fighting to the Christian concept of “just war.” In other words, though they make it seem that it’s all above board, the reality of their aggression as seen in the video provides a clear understanding of what their intent really is.

The diabolical side of Muslims is that many live in the past, and this culture is ingrained in medieval practices that could backfire as we are witnessing in Europe. Islamist followers are torn between Western values and their own. If allowed to keep coming they will gradually overtake the world. The sad reality is we need to keep migrants under control.

As seen in the video one old custom tells a thousand words to what could become of our very neighborhoods if we don’t take action. The act of using children as a financial asset to barter is an abominable behaviour. Only those persons with no moral values could carry out something so preposterous.

However, it is very difficult to convince migrants who have been exposed to a certain way of life. Videos are available on YouTube attesting to Muslims who are convinced democracy doesn’t work, and that old fascistic ways prevail. In other words, they insist that their way is the right way, and that the Western world is changing and that Christians are seeing this, and ultimately many are converting.

One British converted Muslim said that Islam is right because according to the Quran, if Allah says to flog someone, they'll do it. If Allah commands to stone someone, they’ll do it.

However, if I said put your head in the oven though, would you, do it?

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface    


Vocabulary builder:

Lesser Jihad = The “Lesser Jihad” is an outward struggle. Jihad constitutes a moral principle to struggle against any obstacle that stands in the way of the good. Bearing, delivering and raising a child, for example, is an example of outward jihad, because of the many obstacles that must be overcome to deliver and raise the child successfully.

Islamism (n) = a source distinguishes Islamist from Islamic by emphasizing the fact that Islam "refers to a religion and culture in existence over a millennium", whereas Islamism "is a political/religious phenomenon linked to the great events of the 20th century".

Ingrained (adj) = deep-seated, in-built, entrenched, fixed, deep-rooted, rooted, imbedded, inbuilt. (ant) superficial

Preposterous (adj) = outrageous, absurd, ridiculous, unbelievable, laughable, silly, outlandish, unreasonable, (ant) sensible

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