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Mysterious Man - part twenty one

Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

They shook hands on it. Mr. Levy asked him to wait in his office while he went to authorize an immediate cash payment. Minutes later the deal came through and Alfredo was ushered into another private office where the money was given to him.

This was great news to his ears. He felt relieved while realizing Natalie would be intrigued as to why he needed the money in the first place. Of course, she went along with the theory that he was modernizing his dwellings, but little did she know he had other plans.

The Sampson twins were hardcore, and Alfredo was concerned for his life. In reality, all along his plan was to make sure Natalie played a part in case he couldn’t get a loan. He brought her as a backup. Actually, as he had never been a saver, he wasn’t sure the bank manager would see eye to eye, and make the funds available. Fortunately, this gave him some breathing space!

As the two exited the building the sunlight was bright on this clear sky sunny day. The sudden impact and touch of the slightly warm heat encouraged them to get into the car for air-conditioning. Alfredo pressed the ignition switch to start the car, the AC came on automatically, and then he turned it up a notch.

“Hallelujah!” Natalie whispered, as she sat down on the passenger side.

That excruciating mid-morning autumn heat which was unusual, took them by surprise. Global warming made the weather unpredictable!

With the money in his pocket, Natalie asked, “I didn’t see any work being done at your pad. What is the money really for?”

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Ushered (v) = escorted, accompanied, steered, helped, led

Dwellings (n) = residences, homes, lodgings, apartments, flats (UK)

Little did she know = she is completely unaware of something.

Hardcore (adj) = “extreme” or “intense,” like a hardcore gym routine, or a fan of Justin Bieber. It is especially used to reference hardcore punk music or pornography.

Loan (n) = advance, credit, finance, mortgage, a loan is money lent to customers/clients.

Backup (n) one that serves as a substitute or support. “I brought an extra pencil for backup.” A backup plan: musical accompaniment. “The tunes include banjo and guitar backup.” Or additional personnel who provide assistance. “The police officer called for backup.”

Unpredictable (adj) = random, erratic, changeable, impulsive, volatile, irregular, variable, instable

Pad (n) = although pad means cloth, wad, cushion, etc., or mat, placemat, coaster (mouse pad – PC) in British slang it generally refers to a smaller residence. “John out running, realized he had forgotten to turn off the oven with Sunday’s roast cooking. He ran to his pad as quickly as he could.”

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