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Mysterious Man - part 9

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

No sooner than Natalie had left the premises when Alfredo got up, walked over to Guzim’s table, and then sat on the other side facing him. Guzim’s face bending down rose while his eyes stared directly into Alfredo’s to ask sternly, “Does she have any useful information that is pertinent to what happened?”

“Not really!” Alfredo muttered.

Guzim became even more intent. “Speak up! Does she know anything, or not?”

“I don’t think so, but she did say inspector Lee is an incompetent fool who is pinning it all on some drug lord. But then she told me he hasn’t got a clue and is basing his findings purely over Mariano having cocaine powder in the lining of his nasal passages.”

“So, there is no real proof about anything, right?”

“I believe not!”, Alfredo confirmed.

Guzim smiled, and continued to go on about, “You see how important anticipation is to make sure you don’t run into any more snags along the road!”

“Of course,” Alfredo replied. He didn’t have any idea of what Guzim was talking about, but went along in agreement to avoid him getting agitated.

Guzim reinforcing pointed out, “I’m going to sue the police for breaking into my home unlawfully. They had no concrete evidence of anything!” He then paused to take another drag of his robust Cuban cigar while muttering, “those sons of bitches!”

As it turned out, Mariano and Alfredo had purchased their stockpile from the same source, the Samson brother’s downtown operation. However, Alfredo had known Guzim for some while. In fact, their relationship had gone way back to when Guzim was a lieutenant, before he became the big kahuna.

“What’s your take on what happened to my brother, Guzim?”

Guzim shrugged his shoulders saying, “I’ve got no idea, but the people you might want to quiz about it is your source.”

Take care!

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Vocabulary builder:

Sternly (adv) = severely, strictly, harshly, firmly

Muttered (adj) = murmured, inaudible, slurred, incomprehensible

Snags (n) = problems, difficulties, complications, hitches, obstacles

Sue (v) = prosecute, litigate, charge, indict, take legal action, go to court, file a suit

Reinforcing (v) = boosting, strengthening, augmenting, supporting

Drag (v) = puff, inhale, draw. Drag can also be used meaning hindrance, incumbrance, nuisance, chore, pain, bother, bind, (ant) pleasure

Muttering (v) = mumbling, murmuring, burbling, slurring

A son of a bitch (idiom) = British slang, sometimes offensive, sometimes,

mainly US and Canadian. 1. a worthless or contemptible person: used as an insult. 2. a humorous or affectionate term for a person a lucky son of a bitch

Stockpile (v) = hoard, stash, store, stock pile

Shrugged (v) = regular verb to shrug means motion, signal, nod, use body, sign, indication, gesticulation i.e., gesture, movement

Quiz (n) test, puzzle, cross-examine, question, interrogate, interview

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