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Mysterious Man - part 7

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

Days later, after being sucked into the despicable act and torn apart, Natalie begrudgingly judged inspector Lee as incompetently foolish. He had no solid leads to follow up on except for some drug lord which was a needle in a haystack.

Her anguish had got the best of her, and she felt so down and out she couldn’t resist Alfredo’s invitation for a mid-morning brunch at the Don Sauvé Café! She thought he was charming when they first met, striking as someone who stood out of the crowd, and consoling.

Alfredo arrived first, reserved a table, and asked his waiter to bring a bottle of champagne. As he got there early, he spent his time collecting a variety of cold plates, not sure if she arrives on time, and not wishing hot food to turn cold. It would be rather amateurish and childish to make such a mistake. He wanted to impress her.

Several minutes later she entered wearing a petite dress, a black sun hat, and large dark sunglasses. She casually strolled towards the inside dining room set on wooden barred oak floor with seating areas divided and partitioned on different levels. A gentleman, sat alone on the left corner table, cigar alight, with what looked like a bottle of Tequila, a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant from Guadalajara, Mexico.

As she proceeded, she could see Alfredo at the far back of the café awaiting her arrival.

Alfredo promptly stood up! “Hi Natalie, you look ravishing. How are you?” Saying she was eye-catching by using his charm, he was certain would sweep her off her feet.

She blushed while sticking out her arm to compliment him, “Fine, thank you! And you?”

He delicately grabbed her extended arm with his left hand, and then with his right brought her hand’s back to his lips, and kissed gently. Then he looked up and gazed into her eyes and said, “Now that I’m with you I feel much better, thanks!”

Flattered by his gesture, she blushed again, and smiled enticingly. He cheered her up.

The table was full of delicious goodies and treats that were delightfully appetizing. Natalie was looking forward to digging in. She smiled. Alfredo poured champagne first and offered her a crystal glass to the brim.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Begrudgingly (adv) = reluctantly or resentfully. "He somewhat begrudgingly accepted a reduced role for the better of the team."

A needle in a haystack (idiom) = something that is almost impossible to find because it is hidden among so many other things. "Locating these fish can be like finding a needle in the haystack."

Hand’s back = opposite to the palm-side (the inner part of the hand)

Flattered (adj) = privileged, pleased, grateful, thrilled, complimented

Blushed (v) = flushed, colored, reddened, go red, feel embarrassed

Enticingly (adv) = temptingly, invitingly, alluringly, attractively

Brim (n) = ridge, edge, top, rim, lip

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