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Mysterious Man - part 6

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

Natalie remembered their first encounter some years earlier and how they had been a perfect match. She recalled how he used to tell the story.

Butterflies fluttered around his tummy; a sensation of total absorption completed him, as he stood there mesmerized by her stunning beauty. She fulfilled his earnest desires. It was as though a matchmaker had found him the perfect dream to adhere to a surreal fantasy, a touch of class, and sensualness never before experienced.

She was the one, and she knew it as well. Their eyes lit up the moment they homed in on eachother, him inside by the side of the balcony after just looking down toward the dancefloor, and hers as she entered the Roman style arched dome entrance. That stare was like a machine-like combination where one piece fixates on the other as they move in to join and operate effortlessly. A bit like a piano playing each note to the rhythm in perfect harmony.

The jam-packed venue was sought by the in-crowd destined to unwind by sipping on exotic cocktails, mingling with jetsetters, aristocracy, and less affluent folks like Mariano. He was merely an insurance salesman learning the ropes and getting over his short-lived marriage with Sofia which had gone horribly wrong.

These were the opening moves when they first met and Natalie cherished every second. She was torn apart, but now Alfredo was a phone call away she became intrigued to meet up and get to know him. She took out his business card and called. No answer!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Fluttered (v) = to flutter is a regular verb, beat, beaten, flapped, waved, trembled, quivered, flickered, pulsated

Earnest (adj) = serious, solemn, grave, sober, intense, deep, (ant) frivolous

Homed in (phrasal verb) = to find and move directly toward (someone or something) The missile was homing in on its target. It is often used figuratively. “Researchers are homing in on the cause of the disease.”

Jam-packed (adj) = crowded, chockfull, full, packed, chockablock, heaving

In-crowd (n) = inner circle, in-group, a small group of people perceived by others to be particularly fashionable, informed, or popular. "A new district that has been attracting the in-crowd."

Mingling (v) = circulating, associating, socializing

Jetsetters (n) = socialites, trendsetters, one of the in-crowd, person about town

Learning the ropes (idiom) = to know or learn how to do something, especially a job. It didn't take her new assistant long to learn the ropes.

Cherished (adj) = valued, prized, precious, beloved, unforgettable, memorable, appreciated, esteemed, treasured

Torn apart (phrasal verb) = to completely destroy (something) by tearing it into pieces. “I couldn't open the box nicely, so I just tore it apart.” Often used figuratively, “The robbers tore apart the house looking for the money.” or “We tore the other team apart in yesterday's game.” or “We can't agree, and it's tearing our family apart.

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