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Mysterious Man - part 5

Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

The death of Mariano had left Natalie distraught. Amongst other things, a shortish Hispanic looking brother turned up for the funeral service. He was unknown to her, and in fact she was totally unaware Mariano even had a brother. She was aware that his parents both died in a car crash when he was a little boy, but this came as quite a shock, especially as Alfredo looked Mexican or of Cuban descent.

Alfredo was handsome like his brother, hunky looking with muscular definition. They were introduced to each other. He gave Natalie his business card.

He was a turn on because she saw the resemblance to Mariano although at the burial it was the last thing she would own up to.

The procession was quick, and in actual fact he partially participated, as some other arrangement with the Samson brothers had been set. He left abruptly to meet them close by under the trees in the park around the corner.

Natalie wept ditheringly until the end when she quietly left. There was a wake and she felt obliged to attend as it was in her husband’s honor. Instead, she returned to the beach in hope that Mariano wasn’t dead.

There hadn’t been any dental records and he had no prior convictions, so the postmortem report wasn’t conclusive. His disappearance and torn clothes together with body parts were the decisive factor that inspector Lee was obliged to provide in his police statement.

Natalie, had been uncertain while reluctantly accepted his findings and to a certain degree had no choice but to attend the funeral. Torn apart before and after she sulked. The event had been so sudden she couldn’t wrap herself around the idea of waking up in her bed every morning, looking over, and not seeing his cute face.

Alfredo met up with the twins. They chatted for a while. He needed to restock his stash.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Distraught (adj) = distressed, hysterical, upset, troubled, worried

Aware (adj) = conscious, alert, mindful, cognizant, attentive, awake

Descent (n) = something going downward i.e., decline, fall, drop, deterioration, depreciation, degeneration, or the origin or background of a person in terms of family or nationality.

Hunky (adj) muscular, brawny, well-built, masculine, stocky, handsome

Turn on (phrasel verb) = although it means start the flow or operation of something by means of a valve, switch, or button, it is used informally as in to excite or stimulate the interest of someone, especially sexually. "If that's what turns you on that's fine by me."

Own up (phrasal verb) = admit or confess to having done something wrong or embarrassing. "If whoever did it owns up I promise I won't punish them."

Ditheringly (adv) = irresolutely, vacillatingly, waveringly, hesitantly, uncertainly, without conviction, (ant) decisively

A wake (n) = also known as a funeral reception, is an event where close friends and family of the deceased gather together to pay their respects to their loved one. Traditionally, a wake referred to the viewing held before the funeral, but nowadays it's usually held after the funeral or memorial service.

Postmortem (n) = autopsy, examination, inquest, medical examinations, investigation, analysis, inquest, review

Sulked (v) regular past tense verb meaning to be in a huff, be in a temper, feel sorry for yourself, grumbled, pouted, brooded, moped, (ant) delighted

Stash (n) = supply. Also used as hideaway, hoard, mass, pile, stockpile, stack, reserve, heap, store

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