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Mysterious Man - part 4

Atualizado: 13 de set. de 2022

Coolly strolling, his slack black long-sleeved silk shirt flapped in the wind. Wearing white slacks and flash sneakers to stroll along the soft sand of the seashore, Guzim wondered what all the fuss was about.

His main player subordinate had called to tell him to lie low, away from his properties and the usual venues he’d like to go to such as the Don Sauvé Café which he liked for its privacy, and opportune breaks to conjure up how to make the next buck from his empire!

Guzim was as cold as ice. He took the time to reflect and marvel over his perception of himself as the very successful rich guy on the block. Truth be known he was the big gun (big kahuna) “dono do pedaço”, and thought everyone had to comply with his commands.

His mobile rang! The cellular call was from another of his unmerciful lieutenants from the sordid drug cartel telling him to continue lying low for the time being, as the Police had just raided his abide.

The drug cartel, was an illicit consortium and independent organization formed to limit competition and control the production and distribution of illegal drugs. His underworld cartel was extremely well-organized, well-financed, efficient, and ruthless. Since the 1990s, he had dominated the international narcotics trade in San Francisco.

Late payers weren’t tolerated, and had to be dealt with in accordance with his strict rules. Otherwise Guzim would look weak and not the fearless man he wanted to portray to avoid being taken over by some wiseguy. He liked calling the shots!

Guzim certainly could have ordered the hit on Mariano. He had the manpower to clean up loose strings. Mariano had been abusing drugs for many years. He had found an outlet through one of Guzim’s downtown distributors.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary meaning:

Coolly (adv) = as an adverb is in a cool, unpanicked or collected manner.

Slack (adj) = loose, limp, relaxed, baggy, floppy, drooping, sagging, (ant) taut

Stroll (n) = amble, saunter, promenade, wander, meander, ramble, walk

Lie low (idiom) = (especially of a criminal) keep out of sight; avoid detection or attention. "At the time of the murder he appears to have been lying low in a barn." Use lie low in the present tense; lay low in the past tense. “The celebrity is lying low for a few weeks to avoid news reporters.” Or “Last month, that same celebrity lay low to avoid the paparazzi.” Or “He has lain low for almost a year.”

Sauvé (adj) = means smoothly though often superficially gracious and sophisticated, or smooth in texture, performance, or style. It's an old-fashioned compliment that nowadays has been morphed into something meaning a little bit cheesy i.e., in bad taste.

Sordid (adj) = disreputable, sleazy, repugnant, disgusting, despicable

As cold as ice (idiom) = acting in a very unfriendly way. “He sat cold as ice through breakfast, ignoring Claire's hand on his shoulder as she passed his chair.”

Raided (v) = invaded, attacked, stormed, searched, ransacked, assaulted

Underworld (adj) = criminal, illicit, illegal, unlawful, felonious, (ant) legal

Ruthless (adj) =cruel, callous, brutal, pitiless, merciless, coldblooded

Otherwise (adv) then, else, or else, if not

Tough nut (n) = a person or thing that is difficult to deal with, understand, or influence. “The team's defense is a tough nut to crack. The problem is a hard nut to crack. He's a tough nut, but I think I can get him to agree to the contract.”

Wiseguy (n) = a person who speaks and behaves as if they know more than others. A member of the Mafia. "He was the boss of the biggest crime family in the country—250 wise guys"

Loose strings (idiom) = unfinished details, incomplete business. For example: “We've not quite finished the project, as there are still some loose ends.” This expression alludes to the ends of a rope or cable that should be fastened.

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