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Multi Billion Business

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

There are over 7 billion mobile phones worldwide which is almost one per person as an average. However, in general, the number of cell phone users per country is relatively proportional to that country’s population. Some people have multiple cell phone lines for various reasons, including one for personal use and one for business use. The following countries have the highest number of cell phones users:

1. China (1.6 billion) 1.448 billion pop

2. India (1.28 billion) 1.406 billion pop

3. Indonesia (386 million) 279 million pop

4. USA (327 million) 330 million pop

5. Brazil (284 million) 215 million pop

With this information in mind, it seems to be a no brainer that manufacturers are cashing in on the latest Smartphones whether configurated android or iOS by bringing out novelty cellular ones that cost thousands. In a consumption orientated environment, who doesn’t like to have cutting technology at the forefront of society to brag and flash around like a jetsetter even if they’re not?

As a whole, literally billions in monetary assets are being stored while new phones have got the monopoly. Trendsetters have to have a new one, and in turn they stimulate the rest of the market. Look at me with my mod con apparatus stature sort of thing. Look, these people get off on having the latest gadgets that inspire them. Take James Bond, 007 with super-duper sophisticated devices to take others out! Come on, who doesn’t get turned on by flashing!

Bottom line is why not cash in your used phone customarily when buying a new phone. In fact, why spend thousands when you can spend hundreds and get a pretty new used phone that already has excellent technology. Often members of café society buy new every year and consequently their used models which are in mint condition are for the taking at bargain prices!

The key then is knowing how to acquire them with a 100% guarantee attached to the transaction. A company that provides such support is Doji, a startup that is pressing all the right buttons to provide help to individuals wanting to take advantage. Offers like these don’t come around every day. Currently they are functioning in England, but plans for international expansion are underway.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Flash (adj) = showy, ostentatious, flashy, loud, (ant) understated

Jetsetter (n) = socialite, trendsetter, one of the in-crowd

Get off (phrasal verb) = get excited, leave, exit, go away

super-duper (adj) = excellent, super, wicked, marvelous, colossal, impressive, pleasing, great, fantastic

Take out (phrasal verb) = ask out, invite out, accompany, treat, entertain, destroy, kill, neutralize, wipe out, get rid of, gun down, bomb

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