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Atualizado: 7 de nov. de 2022

The latest “Buzz” word for internet marketers and startup gurus might be – Go-to-Community (GTC), as discussed in previous blogs, especially when new products and services are launched and those in the know are few and far between.

Punters and potential prospects need enlightening and converting to new and advanced tools that can facilitate the work environment and lifestyle. From a company’s point of view, educating the community is the best way to introduce new technology, new ways to market, and build relationships that stimulate sales. It’s all very well having a revolutionary system that provides cutting edge technology and there are many that fit the bill, but hardly anyone is aware of what the company offers and can deliver.

Someone who can share the light is English born Amber Atherton who recently wrote an exclusive article on how to start building a community and mastering two concepts. According to her, before allocating resources to a dedicated team, founders need to understand how community differs from other groups who interact with their product, and what makes a community compelling to prospective members.

Her article can be found by clicking the following link to “Future.a16z” and reading the article in its entirety.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Few and far between (idiom) = scarce; infrequent. "My inspired moments are few and far between"

Punters (n) = customers, clients, consumers, shoppers, listeners

Potential prospects = A potential prospect is someone who fits your target customer description and has the potential to make a purchase from your company. Potential prospects are in the early phases of the sales cycle—typically, prospects haven't expressed interest in buying yet, but they could become buyers.

Fit the bill (idiom) = be suitable for a particular purpose. "A partner is an ally or a companion, and you don't seem to fit the bill"

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