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This is a story of magic and a day when everything changed. It was a summer’s day, and Denise was exhausted from overworking and then intoxicating herself most days of the week to chill out!

What followed was extraordinary, as she was tired and frustrated for balancing out by using alcohol. She had tried drugs, but fortunately got that under control, and then fell into drinking to balance her state out. It seemed as though she needed something to get her life under control. She got to the point where she realized she had to turn it all around. She couldn’t go on wrecking her health.

Instead, she decided to take action. First, she needed to come up with a plan. A scheme to overcome the hurdle in her life. She took a long hard look at herself in the mirror. She knew deep down that there was a beautiful girl below the stressed-out body, the pale puffed out skin on her face, and it was a time to think about her future.

Everyone has moments of despair. Times when they wish their situation was different. She was no different from the rest. She knew she was more than what she was living. We all know! The key then was taking action to build a more robust image, a better her in the process!

Denise woke up earlier one morning. She got up with a new attitude. Then she went about changing her habits into those that would help her out of feeling insignificant. She was reborn!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Hurdle (n) = obstacle, difficulty, problem, snag, barrier, impediment

Pale (adj) = light, pastel, soft, whitish, insipid, wishy-washy, watery

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