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Love is Blind Entertainment

The Netflix series, Love is Blind is an entertainment show that brings people onboard who can be very serious about finding the ideal partner. It premiered on Netflix in February 2020 and followed singles from Atlanta, Georgia.

Some of the original contestants who have married, continue until this day. This clearly shows the power of the show which has since spread its wings to distant lands such as Brazil, Japan, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Argentina, and Mexico.

My daughter, Ariela participated in the current Brazil’s Love is Blind 4 show launched in June 2024, so watching each episode has been exciting entertainment for me. Her participation in the very first episode gave her a lot of exposure. She fell in love with someone. However, as the show developed and the relationship became more transparent, her lover Evandro revealed he had had another relationship. He had already told Ariela that he had been married and had two children, during the pod meets. Why he hadn’t told her about this earlier relationship and twelve-year-old son until recently, raises the question of what else is he going to reveal.

Nevertheless, from what has been gathered he hasn’t been like a conventional father in anyway whatsoever. I think he was around twenty-one years old when he got the lady pregnant, and from what I understand he hasn’t played the fathership role. Nor has he paid for child support (alimony) from what I gather. This is rife between those who can’t keep it in their pants, and go around like a stallion on heat. The thing that is hard to figure out is how he could turn a blind eye for so long, knowing only too well that he had a son. Personally, I would feel too guilty to abandon my child.

Ariela and Evandro had been together in this intense relationship during the pod meetings when they had the chance to open up, be honest and share themselves and their secrets, and instead he conveniently chose to avoid mentioning it. Some commentators are saying he felt insecure, but I tend to believe he was ashamed for not taking responsibility. They had already come back to São Paulo from their honeymoon fling in the south of Brazil, and days into the final 30-day phase he let out the bombshell.

However, on their first day in the flat, both had access to their mobile phones. That led to browsing a few of each other's messages. I think they shared each other’s portable phones to check their situation transparently, and low and behold Evandro had received a message saying love and baby which begged the question from Ariela of, “Are you in another relationship, or were you when you entered Love is Blind?”

One thing that was noticeable is Evandro’s placid response technique, as if everything was alright, and that he had nothing to hide. In fairness, he always dealt with Ariela’s questions smoothly whilst in my 63 years’ experience, by not showing any emotions on how one might be feeling can beg the question of if this character is completely up front and honest. He seemed to specialize in what she needed to hear. That gave him the more neutral interaction, supposedly to avoid conflict. Gift of the gab smoothness to score points!

On a program like Love is Blind, the reality is to mix and match possible love affairs that can lead to marriage and a longing to live together for life! Contestants have to be real people in the sense that they are honest, respectful, and loving. If those three elements are part of the equation, then what can go wrong you might ask?

Well, Love is blind works on the concept that meeting someone without seeing them, feeling the connection in a good way, and having the urge to wed them is all it takes. But like most of us know life is much more complicated than that. Certain elements need to be in place if there is any chance of the relationship working.

There has to be chemistry between the two. Tolerance to put up with each other’s defects for sure. Tell me of a couple that don’t have differences? Everyone is different, so obviously there will come times when one has to take a step back, adjust to accept their spouse’s traits. My wife and I both put up with each other’s bad points. Real love overcomes differences!

After eight episodes, and plenty of gossip and eventful entertainment, there are already fans saying she would be perfect for other Brazilian reality programs. She could even be a contender for the next show to be aired on television.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

According to an American participant’s comment in the side video link you are pushed by the producers to spend up to 16 hours a day tied into the set with bright lights whilst members of the production team encourage certain questions to be made and interaction to be had. In other words, manipulation takes place, and restrictions are made.  

Vocabulary builder:

Stallion (n) = a male horse: one kept especially for breeding.

Fling (n) = a short period of enjoyment or wild behavior.

Bombshell (n) = shock, surprise, blow, upset, disaster, bolt from the blue

Gift of the gab (idiom) = able to speak easily and confidently

Spouse (n) = married person, partner, mate, husband, wife, next of kin, significant other

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