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Living On Top

Everything that happens; good or bad, has an outcome. We process things in correlation with our values and the way we have been educated. As we age, we tend to make our own judgments based on input conceived. Some people make wise choices whereas others not so smart, or even foolish. In life we have to master our destiny. Or otherwise become a byproduct!

So what does it take to live on top of the world? Well, certainly it doesn’t mean climbing up Mount Everest although that would be a daunting task for most. Living on top of the world would be a sense of fulfillment that life is moving along well, accomplishments are occurring at a reassuring pace, and a good lifestyle has been or is aimed at being achieved. You should be in a state of comfort from your efforts – a winning conditioning!

It doesn’t mean you are rich beyond your wildest dreams, or that you have a dream job, nor that you are retired. But it could be! Actually, money has little to do with it though it helps to have security and peace of mind instead of worry about how you are going to pay the next bills. Humans have to aspire to a better way, a more forceful manner to keep going to discover the best way to grow.

The mind is a powerful weapon, as it determines the way you feel about a situation. What might usually be a painful experience, could be turned into a growth opportunity, and so forth. When the next negative thing occurs to you, relax, don’t think negatively about it. Instead, keep going and accept becoming a glutton for punishment to build a warrior mindset to overcome all obstacles.

I have been playing cards with my mother every day since arriving in London for summer holidays. Only an hour ago I lost fifty-two points in the first-round of seven card rummy. It didn’t deter me! Instead, I’m more bothered about the fun of playing than the potential win or loss. I’ve found that fighting reality turns me into a depressive fool. By relaxing and taking things in their stride you will be able to create positive outcomes, and consequently you’ll become a winner.

The irony of the story is that I lost four rounds on the trot, and then it all turned around until the very end when my mum lost by double my score. The interesting thing is she complained every round after that change and when I said you never know (be positive), or you could get a running flush she came out with negative reasoning. Never put yourself in that position – i.e., stand tall and be positive!

The moral of the story is that believing in yourself enthusiastically without the need to brag, will emotionally prepare you for life – i.e., living on top!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Whereas (conj.) = while, but, where, however, although, though

Byproduct (n) = spinoff, consequence, result, derivative, offshoot, side effect

Daunting (adj) = intimidating, unnerving, discouraging, frightening, overwhelming

Fulfillment (n) = contentment, serenity, self-actualization, joy, success, gratification, satisfaction, self-realization, happiness

Accomplishments (n) = activities, actions, events, happenings, deeds, achievements, endeavors

A glutton for punishment (idiom) = a person who is always eager to undertake hard or unpleasant tasks. P.S. Glutton means an excessively greedy eater or old-fashioned term for wolverine

Deter (v) = discourage, daunt, dissuade, prevent, frighten, put off. To discourage (someone) from doing something by instilling doubt or fear of the consequences. "Only a health problem would deter him from seeking re-election."

Bothered (adj) = worried, concerned, troubled, perturbed

Taking things in their stride (idiom) = UK (US take something in stride) to deal with a problem or difficulty calmly and not to allow it to influence what you are doing: When you become a politician, you soon learn to take criticism in your stride.

Irony (n) = humor, wit, sarcasm, dryness, mockery, satire, parody

Trot (n) = run, gallop, sprint, brisk walk, canter, jog

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