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King of Destiny

As the king of your own destiny, you get to make wise choices on your path to succeed. Like many I come from a corporate background. Working for five years in the 70s at an insurance company gave me a good understanding of administration skills of which would later benefit me as a self-employed person.

Yes, I stepped out of my comfort zone when I became twenty-one for the simple belief that working for yourself allows you to grow according to your ability, self-confidence, and effort, and that your earning capacity isn’t inhibited as opposed to the income afforded in a job working for another.

To set the record straight, working for yourself is exciting, and in principle gives you control of your destiny. Being your own boss though comes at a price. There are no paid holidays, 13th salary, or for that matter benefits paid by an employer like travel allowance, or free lunch.

The real benefit is freedom to make your own decisions, create and be rewarded for your efforts. Once you have found the ideal path and are earning money you can step up your game and multiply, whether working alone, or by giving others the opportunity to bolster your show.

By working on your skillset (your knowledge) and applying yourself, there are no limits (the sky is the limit). You establish the boundaries. This could happen quickly although in most cases it takes time to perfect. This isn’t rocket science, but rather a chance to shine at your chosen field, or if you have what it takes then go with the flow.

Getting back to basics will set you up for life! Finding what works best and then sticking to repeating the process over and over again (repetitively) will bring results. Even though there were no personal computers in those days, the process could be tweaked just as in today’s society.

A background in administration will provide the following complimentary skills:

  • Microsoft Office.

  • Communication skills.

  • The ability to work autonomously.

  • Database management.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning.

  • Social media management.

  • Strong results focus.

If you are new to the work environment, you might be a natural who can start off working for yourself because you have a terrific idea and there is a demand for whatever you are promoting. On the other hand, whatever you do whether office related, service industry, security, hospitality, healthcare, engineering, marketing or sales, belief in yourself is key to having the courage to be the king of your destiny!

Have an incredible day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary meaning:

Bolster (v) = support or strengthen; prop up. "The fall in interest rates is starting to bolster confidence."

Boundaries (n) = limits, limitations, borders, restrictions, margins, confines, frontiers, borderlines, edges

This isn’t rocket science (idiom) = It is easy to understand or is not difficult to do/understand. Origin: This stems from how hard studying rocket science or brain surgery is and how, compared to that, whatever you are talking about has to be much easier.

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