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Is Luck on your Side?

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

Learning successful habits are great when it comes to following tried and tested formulas for success. Certainly, entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates, to name a few are top of the top when it comes to success stories.

However, none of these magnates became wealthy overnight. A certain amount of luck played into the equation to become well-off. In order to climb the ladder, they put a lot of effort consistently to get there. You might want to say hard graft if you lived in the United Kingdom, but others consider it differently. See below under vocabulary builder for more detail. The fact of the matter is leaders work hard, stay abreast of the latest methods to reach objectives, plan strategically, make decisions that fuel growth, and they are not nonchalant leaders.

Luck is something that is earned. For example, if you bet on the lottery every week then you stand a very small chance of winning. If you can afford to purchase more numbers your chances are increased. However, it’s also relative to how often you play, if you are lucky, and the truth is the chances of winning are very unlikely. In life, if we invest time and effort proactively with an objective in mind then we increase our odds to get results. Luck is a gainable attribute like success. The more we do the more probability based on knowledge and experience that eventually can contribute to more luck.

Luck shouldn’t be considered as pure fluke, but rather the proceeds of your investment into productivity and the end product. In other words, we create luck based on production whether we are born into money and contacts that can push us forward, and instead we can condition ourselves to make informed decisions that can influence the right outcome. There are no guarantees, but it is quite easy to see that lucky breaks are a consequence of consistent effort, constant exertion to overachieve, and a willingness to push forward as a regular core to whatever it is you are extending to achieve, treat others respectfully, bring solutions to your customers, and stretch as norm.

By adopting these rituals, self-determination, and perseverance, we should be able to increase performance and productivity. If true then our success could be construed as lucky occurrence when the reality is the answer that lies in systematic correctness.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Magnates (n) = tycoons, moguls, entrepreneurs, industrialists, barons

well-off (adj) = wealthy, rich, affluent, prosperous, loaded, well-heeled

Hard graft (n) = In the UK as an informal expression it means working hard. In the dictionary it is usually considered the acquisition of money, power, etc., by dishonest or unfair means, especially by taking advantage of a position of trust. Something gained in this way, such as profit from government business.

Nonchalant (adj) = casual, offhand, relaxed, unconcerned, dispassionate

Odds (n) chances, probabilities, likelihoods, balances

Fluke (n) = accident, coincidence, chance, freak, stroke of luck, lucky break

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