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Home Sweet Home

After returning from the United Kingdom, the hot blazing weather has affected my mood. Apart from having my T-shirt and light shorts stick to my perspiring body, laziness is on the top of my mind. Just trying to adapt after minus temperatures is a complete turnaround which requires tact, as well as the ability to like my larger living conditions under such extreme weather.

As it stands leaving my mums small home and settling for my apartment here are immediate benefits like size, comfort, and resources. However, as the day progresses and the sweltering conditions worsen then there is a clear need to jump in the sea.

Heading downstairs to the outside pool now! Shame the building syndicate opted to install heating. I love freezing cold water which not only appeases the body, but also is therapeutic in that it protects the telomeres while strengthening the immune system.

Telomeres are the ‘endcaps’ that protect the DNA in our chromosomal strands. Those endcaps help keep cells youthful. We can think of them as the DNA equivalent of those plastic tips that keep shoelaces from fraying. Telomeres protect the chromosomes but as we age, they get shorter. Ever noticed how older people start to shrink and lose their posture? That’s telomeres shortening! By protecting them, potentially lifespan can be lengthened.

England has gone down the pan according to my brother, due to the vast input of refugees and asylum seekers who are being pushed out of Europe onto the UK by cross channel while illegal boat trips, often lacking any documentation – IDs meaning the influx could be terrorist cells coming from ISIS or other jihadist group. Britain has a policy of allowing them in, judging their rights to stay, and then acting bewilderingly by keeping them on without any absolute authority.

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), also known as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), is a Sunni jihadist group with a particularly violent ideology that calls itself a caliphate and claims religious authority over all Muslims. It was inspired by al Qaida but later publicly expelled from it.

Additionally, England boasts a popular group of exempt maskless followers who pride themselves on their independence to decide how they conduct themselves in public places. In other words, they make Omicron widespread around the country into Wales and Scotland, and then onto Ireland to hit record numbers in the spread of the disease.

It definitely made a pleasant change to experience a winter in London. After taking cold showers in Brazil since before the pandemic began, the cold water in English shower cubicles made ‘cold showers’ in Brazil, seem warm.

Take care,

Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Tact (n) = diplomacy, discretion, sensitivity, delicacy, thoughtfulness, consideration, skill

Down the pan = a British, informal used to describe something that is being wasted or lost. ‘It's just money down the pan. All my hard work went down the pan.’ Or used to describe something that is getting much worse. ‘The business is going down the pan.’

Bewilderingly (adv) = confusingly, disconcertingly, puzzlingly, bafflingly, surprisingly, astonishingly (ant) clearly

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