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Taxi Hero

Atualizado: 7 de dez. de 2022

Today’s EDB is about how a British taxi driver, David Perry saved the day from a fanatic’s intention to probably bomb inside Liverpool Women’s hospital on Sunday. Hero taxi driver locked the passenger in his car before the bomb detonated.

After spotting the assailant’s bomb, the taxi hero prevented a serious incident by locking the attacker in his vehicle. One person died when the car exploded outside the hospital. Fortunately, quick-thinking Mr. Perry stopped, what could have been more bloodshed. David was seriously injured even though he had exited.

Perry sustained shrapnel injuries and damage to his ear when the explosion went off in his car and the bomber died at the scene. The horrific episode that could be linked to ISIS, and is a probable act of terrorism occurred hours before Remembrance Day services on Sunday in England.

Police have subsequently arrested three men that could be connected to the bombing from the Kensington area of the city, and anti-terrorist police squads are looking into finding out more regarding the terror episode.

One witness said, “David put his life on the line and nearly paid the ultimate price to save others apparently not giving a second thought for himself.” Furthermore, the Mayor of Liverpool even praised the “heroic” cabbie for his efforts to reduce the impact of the car explosion.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted on Sunday night: “My thoughts are with all those affected by the awful incident in Liverpool today. I want to thank the emergency services for their quick response and professionalism, and the police for their ongoing work on the investigation.”

Written by Carl Boniface

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