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Easy Money

Amongst anguish from failed attempts to be successful there are billions of ambitious (go-getting) people around the world that would love to hit the jackpot. If you gamble then purchasing lottery tickets could be the closest example of your chips coming in. That would be easy money!

The fact of the matter is there are no “Easy Money” tips I can give you, as easy money in this day and age is a no-go-sign.

Brazilian rapper Djonga, captures the essence of what it’s like to be in the world aspiring to easy money, but he is clearly aware of how difficult life can be and that for 99.999% there are no free meal tickets. Check out his music

There are no guarantees to success, but tried and tested formulas work out if the simple equation of TIME + EFFORT + CONSISTENCY is invested into getting on in life. Whatever it is that you are working on make sure time is dedicated to the project. Time allows participants to create impetus to get jobs done whilst resolving issues. Plenty of effort will enhance outcome. Consistency adds panache (style).

There isn’t a magic formula and rather continual effort should be input over time, utilizing one’s talent to achieve maximum gains. If skills are lacking then learn them, make the effort to aspire to higher levels of knowledge. Work hard and reap the benefits of personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Job well done!

Written by Carl Boniface

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