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Cash in Your Pocket - part one

Anybody can make money. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. If you play your cards right, then a fountain of cash will line your pockets. If that were literally true then we would all be millionaires, but we are not. Therefore, what is the secret behind making your first million? If you believe that alpha brainwaves contribute to the right mindset then read the rest of this article and begin your journey. Game changer!

Since the beginning of time bartering or haggling over supply and demand has been part of society. Making money then is basic ABC. Do something others require, and get paid for the thing it is that you are doing. Whether trading an item for another, or negotiating a cash payment for something to possess, you can make money. If you provide a service to another person then the customer/client will pay you for your services.

The key if you like is buying an item at a low price and then selling it at a higher price. The difference between the cost and the sale price is the margin of gain. If you keep it simple and buy and sell without overheads then the difference is pure profit. Profit means earnings from your transactions. If enough sales are made then potentially more profits can be made.

Now then you need to determine what item you are going to buy and sell, or what service you are going to provide. Who are your potential clients, and what are their needs? If you can fill their needs efficiently then a business venture can be envisaged. This might seem difficult, as it requires foresight to find the right item, service, invention or idea that has the marketability to spur success. Mental focus is going to give you the edge.

One way to help absorb new information while significantly making you more creative is tapping into your alpha brainwaves. Alpha waves are at the center of your brainwave spectrum, between 8-12 Hz. By tapping into this alpha state through the billions of nerve cells in your brain you will improve performance. When your brain is operating at the alpha frequency, you’re able to absorb new information with ease and you’re significantly more creative.

  • Different types of electrical activity within your brain dominate during certain times of day or during specific activities.

  • Harnessing your brain’s alpha waves can help you enter a flow state, which allows you to do deep work with less effort.

  • Alpha waves induce feelings of calm, increase creativity, and enhance your ability to absorb new information.

  • Meditating and practicing mindfulness are some of the most obvious ways to prolong your ability to stay in an alpha state, but there are other ways, as well.

These alpha brainwaves are your connection to a deeper you, an improved performer, a mighty beast of creativity that gives you extraterrestrial ability to shine. Close your eyes and imagine a strong light right in front of you. Feel the energy being produced escape via your ears as a generated funnel of power; an expression of your mind’s reaction to your beacon within. This is tricky if you’ve never felt it before.

This powerful connection is the power you have right now and it wants to join so you are able to increase your alpha brainwaves, if you put your mind to it. Alpha waves oscillate between the theta and beta waves. To successfully harness them, you’ll usually need to slow things down, deepen your breaths, lower your heart rate, and calm the electrical activity in your mind.

A recent study found direct evidence that meditation and mindfulness could help unlock this beneficial state of mind. That’s the beauty of the immersive alpha state: it reduces stress levels and increases productivity levels, making it a brilliant business tool for both you and your entire team. Enhance and take it to the next level.

Tomorrow’s blog will be Cash in Your Pocket part two.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

P.S. If you want firsthand knowledge of how to do it correctly, contract my services, and I’ll help develop your team’s mindset to take it to the next level.

Vocabulary builder:

Fountain (n) = water feature, source, origin, cascade, spout, jet

Bartering (v) = exchanging, trading, switching, swapping, negotiating, bargaining, haggling

Envisaged (v) = imagined, envisioned, foresaw, foreseen, predicted, visualized, pictured, seen

Foresight (n) = forethought, prudence, far-sightedness, premonition, insight, foreknowledge, intuition

Spur (n) = incentive, stimulus, provocation, incitement, motive, impulse

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