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Business Trends

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

Today’s blog for English student’s links to a recent newsletter received. The Silicon Valley venture capitalist firm that is well poised to offer advice to aspiring startups in the making.

Business trends focuses the attention on what works and what doesn’t. However, in order to learn we need to study. Research is the single most important area of actuation to find formulas that enhance results while ultimately bringing new businesses to fruition. Action though speaks louder than words, so the key might be to find nuggets of information that can help develop ventures fully.

Startups often need mentors to help entrepreneurs with specific questions by sharing their knowledge and contacts harvested through their years of experience. Therefore, a mentor must not only fulfill their executive functions, but also understand the process and evolution of the project. Best to say no more, as the two links below offer a couple of ideas to be considered. I am not saying these tidbits of info are appropriate in your business, but then every little insight can be useful.

Jason Fried and Lauren Murrow called:

Product design and engineering writer Ryan Glasgow has written a report:

Check out the links and analyze them to see what your opinion is and if you are able to reap any benefits.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Poised (adj) = composed, dignified, self-assured, self-confident, controlled

Nuggets (n) pieces, bits, chunks, lumps, wads, tidbits, hunks

Harvested (adj) from the verb to harvest which is to reap, gather, collect

Tidbits (n) = morsels, treats, delicacies, scraps, crumbs, pieces

Insight (n) = vision, understanding, awareness, perception, intuition

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