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Beyond Aging

Longevity has always been a topic of interest. However, living until a good old age can be a daunting experience for those who have good genes. Having a good lifespan at the cost of bad health can be an uncomfortable experience.

Today’s new deal called having a good healthspan means living well until death do us part. In other words, when a couple get married and during the wedding ceremony say till death do us part they mean, ‘to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.’

This represents their feelings when making such vows, but what if one or both of the partners eat/s junk food and doesn’t/don’t go on a healthy diet, drink/s excessive alcohol, skip/s sleep, avoid/s working out, and other contributing factor/s to improve longevity and consequently have/has an excellent healthspan?

Having a cold shower every morning and evening is the cheapest and quickest anti-aging hack. It helps to reduce inflammation and makes us calm but alert. It is a parasympathetic nerve, which means it's responsible for switching us in the 'rest and digest' mode aka calming us down and reducing stress and inflammation.

Getting some natural sunlight is also extremely healthy, as long as it isn’t overdone i.e., excessively which would burn the skin and encourage cancer. I’m talking about sunshine without sunblock, as it provides vitamin D which is a nutrient the body needs for building and maintaining healthy bones, but it also protects the immune system and may protect against respiratory illnesses in general.

Regular exercise makes sense as it liberates nitric oxide which provides many benefits to the body’s oxygenation system. Keeping it locked in helps our bodies stay youthful. According to my research it’s one of the major differences between children and adults in that youngsters’ bodies repair quicker, so if we consider recovery from injury then clearly the younger generation heal more efficiently.

Increasing nutrient intake improves functionality while calorie reduction puts less stress on the body. Fasting by shortening eating windows allows the gut to have more time for enzymes to work on digestion and liberate critical fluids. Circadian rhythm is the sleep pattern which is responsible for improved sleep-wake cycle, and therefore going to bed earlier is a productive way of permitting the body to regenerate its cells.

Lastly, work on mindset and reap the rewards of being totally focused and prepared for future outcome. The mind is our most powerful weapon in that we can condition ourselves to be incredible human beings.

Take care!

Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Vow (n) oath, pledge, declaration, promise, undertaking, guarantee

Daunting (adj) = intimidating, unnerving, discouraging, overwhelming, frightening, scary, (ant) encouraging

Aka (abbreviation) = Also Known As

i.e. (abbreviation) = is a Latin term which means: in other words

Locked in (phrasal verb) = 1: not subject to adjustment, fixed locked-in interest rates, or 2: unable or unwilling to shift invested funds because of the tax effect of realizing capital gains.

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