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Back on Track

Atualizado: 5 de fev. de 2022

Getting in the mood is a sure-fire way to stimulate growth. I’m talking about what one does during off-season like a football player, bodybuilder, or exercise freak, or even a career monster who realizes there is no gain without some form of pain.

Take Frank Zane who won the major Mr. Olympia title three times in the 70s for having the best physique of all time according to many worshipers. No one gets to his level without making some sacrifices. Students have to make the effort to study or they will not have the answers when they sit for an exam, a business tycoon like Jeff Bezos wouldn’t have been so successful with Amazon, becoming worth one hundred and seventy billion dollars if he hadn’t given up some pleasures, and then Frank, not only trained hardcore, but also worked on his diet, stretching and posing routines to get to where he wanted all year round.

In other words, if you have been away during the festive season, had some fun, cultivated new relationships, and let your hair down then now is the time to reposition yourself for future growth. New Year resolutions should have been acted upon at the beginning of the year though if not, then now would be a great time to rethink a strategy, and make some changes to take action on right now.

The thought process could be the start of something new that when action steps are performed potentially spells accomplishment on the horizon. Yes, get exited about what it is that makes you click and want to achieve. By taking positive steps it’s a start. Keep focusing on the objective and make sacrifices in order to arrive at the destination. Nothing should be too great. If you lack knowledge, gain it. If you need something specific, go for it. Roll up your sleeves and get down to business!

It is easier said than done, however, if there is the desire, then going about one’s business and taking consistent steps to provide an outcome are essential. This process is the ABC of reaching demonstrable results although it takes time to reach the results required. By organizing, enacting on small steps, putting in hard graft and constantly being aware, goals objectively come alive.

Take care!

Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Worshiper (n) = celebrant, participant, believer, convert, member of congregation

Let your hair down (phrase) = behave in an uninhibited or relaxed way.

Be easier said than done (phrase) = be more easily talked about than put into practice.

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