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A Welcome Break

Having the opportunity to let your hair down to unwind is enthusiastically appealing. Changing locations to an along the coast venue which is quiet and peaceful adds panache to the experience.

Blessed to be living in a tropical country that has friendly people, warm weather, and a mystic environment means I’m one of the lucky ones. Adding clean fresh air for my daily breathing ritual makes it an absolutely wonderful time to chill out (rest), savor great food, and of course, get a tan! However, to top it all off is spending time with my beloved wife and granddaughter who bring out the best in me.

Everything must change, and nothing stays the same. George Benson 1977, the year I began to work in London. It had significance, as everything comes to an end (I’d just finished school), life moves on, but we have the memory of the occasion and experience, good of bad, to cherish forever. These memories make us what we are, give us the confidence to grow while appreciating the knowledge and experience we have picked up along the path.

Cheerfully, we all know we are on a journey which is full of stories, so better to make the most of it rather than enter depression which can be a serious disorder if not kicked away to stay focused and objective. Life is like the task at hand, such as when striving to reach targets at work. By focusing our strength to reach them, we are able to muster the power from within to achieve goals.

By channeling a continuous stream of positive energy, we overcome obstacles and get one step closer to utopia. We are everything we imagine and unless we give in then we have great dreams to accomplish.

Stay strong, and appreciate the great time ahead!

Have a terrific day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Panache (n) = flamboyance, flair, style, confidence, elegance, (ant) clumsiness, awkwardness

Savor (n) = taste, smell, flavor, aroma, enjoy, relish, appreciate

Beloved (adj) = adored, cherished, favorite, darling, treasured, much-loved, dear, dearly loved, (ant) despised

Cheerfully (adv) = happily, optimistically, merrily, joyfully, (ant) sadly

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