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Winners or Losers

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a prime example of a man with a will. A will to leave his legacy as another Russian tyrant that will go down in history, as a legend.

Whereby, some think he is a courageous and magnificent man, others think he is an authoritarian inhumane bully. Ukrainians have been murdered for his will, as Russian soldiers have been killed in droves to satisfy his appetite for power.

Even if he does win and Russia dominates part of Ukraine or even the whole country, does it mean he will be seen as a successful leader? Certainly, in the eyes of those fanatics who are bewildered by his tyrannical prowess it would seem the case.

However, on a worldwide scale I do not believe for one minute that his ego will be boosted in any way shape or form. To the contrary, as from what I gather he is terminally ill, and according to international gossip he only has a few years of life left before he dies. I don’t think the world will suffer without his leadership.

On the other side of the world, President Jair Bolsonaro screwed up big time with the way he dealt with the pandemic. He felt that everyone should have been like him, coming from a sports background and mind over matter specialist!

He encouraged the Brazilian population to treat coronavirus like a little cold, not to wear masks, and carry on as if there was nothing to worry about. Just as well he had some ministers in the beginning who followed international protocol and took heed of the World Health Authority. They were fired. If all his followers had fallen for his maniacal view, then death numbers could have been considerably higher.

Throughout his first term in office, it has been clear that his ego is overinflated, as it has to be “my way or the highway” sort of approach to everything. His egocentric attitude becomes clearly apparent when he downplays everyone, as if he knows it all and is unable to accept that we live in a period of democratically run government that should bear in mind general consensus.

Bolsonaro clearly defends his relationship with Putin as shown by playing the neutral role when he visited in February this year, and now again show’s neutrality by attending the Brics summit (meeting). May I say, what arrogance, as after such bloodshed, one might imagine on the grounds of humanity he would join NATO members who represent world peace in the Ukraine war. (See what he has to say in opening speech).

He is trailing in the vote polls for October’s general election for president of Brazil, and can only blame himself for his far-right political outspokenness to overthrow the Supreme Tribunal Court while provoking Brazilians by countrywide motorcycle rallies, and sometimes riding around on the streets without a helmet, and setting a bad example for the nation!

He boasts that he isn’t corrupt, but has increased the election’s advertising budget which means the cost is borne by tax payers. Thriftiness on his spending habits doesn’t exist, and costing an arm and a leg for his new marketing campaigns in a nutshell is a desperate attempt to win.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Will (n) determination, willpower, drive, spirit

Legacy (n) = heritage, bequest, inheritance, heirloom, relic

Legend (n) fable, myth, fairytale, tale, folklore, folktale, star

Droves (n) = multitudes, hordes, scores, masses, flocks, crowds

Bewildered (adj/v) = confused, puzzled, dazed, bemused, baffled

Prowess (n) = ability, skill, expertise, competence, dexterity, knack

Any way shape or form (idiom) = under any circumstances or conditions That behavior is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form. —often used in negative statements That behavior is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form. In no way shape or form was he ever involved with the Mafia.

Mind over matter (idiom) = used to describe a situation in which someone is able to control a physical condition, problem, etc., “By using the mind His ability to keep going even when he is tired is a simple question of mind over matter.”

Fired (adj) = dismissed, sacked, canned, or ablaze, enthusiastic, excited

My way or the highway (idiom) = said to assert the view that there is no alternative (apart from leaving) but to accept the speaker's opinions or policies.

Egocentric (adj) = Egocentrism refers to someone's inability to understand that another person's view or opinion may be different than their own. It represents a cognitive bias, in that someone would assume that others share the same perspective as they do, unable to imagine that other people would have a perception of their own.

Downplays (v) = talk down, put down, give a lower profile, softens, moderates, restrains

Arrogance (n) conceit, egotism, superiority, pride, self-importance, (ant) humility

Rallies (n) = meetings, gatherings, assemblies, demonstrations

Borne (adj/v) = tolerated, stood, stomached, accepted, allowed, swallowed, endured, put up with

Arm and a leg (idiom) = a very large amount of money It's a reliable car, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

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