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Weight Loss Challenge

Atualizado: 11 de fev. de 2022

Everyone reckons losing weight fast is not secure, as after weight has been shed it is easy to put it back on and then get fatter. While that could be true if a person breaks the diet and goes back to eating an excessive quantity of calories, it all depends on the new habits formed, and if the person can keep the weight off.

Losing weight fast works because results are seen more rapidly. This principle goes against most experts’ opinions because shedding it slowly means reducing caloric intake gradually, and therefore the idea is to manage the weight reducing process more carefully. Though that seems to make sense, the reality is another, as losing fast or slow could be impactful whichever way one looks at it.

So many people would like to shed a few pounds. Many have come to the conclusion that their body type coupled with lifestyle inhibits maintaining the perfect heaviness. Losing a few kilograms around the waist wouldn’t go amiss, however, keeping the perfect weight is difficult for many people. There is no conclusive evidence that by maintaining a picture-perfect physique all year round that one’s health is optimum, but participating in regular exercise helps.

The definition of "ideal body weight" has been an irritant for many people. Perceptions of how people appear, how their clothes fit, and how fat they are have permitted whole industries to flourish. Sports academies are popping up all around the world. Online dance classes are the latest craze, and since the pandemic has begun, they are booming. One such innovator of the latest trend is Henrique Silva who runs MixPlayTV. He is going full out to provide the very best in live entertainment that students can follow to develop the best shape of their lives.

I’ve always struggled with being overweight. The most obvious reason is my desire for food and beverages that cause such a condition. Ideally, with the right conditioning I would eat less, and drink less caloric dense drinks. Yes, I’m concerned like most other people, but I’m also content. The problem then should be managing the amount drunk and eaten.

Before I came to live in Brazil, I went on a crash diet which really was a very simple and effective idea that acted on, gave me the result of losing 17kg in just six weeks. I managed to keep the weight off quite easily for around a year, and then gradually started putting the weight back on. It took nine years to get to the same level of weight that I was originally before dieting. Then for another six weeks the same principals were enacted on and hey presto, I lost the same amount of weight.

Yes, it is that easy. Reduce caloric intake, change some routines, fast (don’t eat or drink anything caloric during fasting) at intervals that provide the best body functioning, and maintain the frequency you have structured for yourself for as long as necessary to reach your ideal weight and body structure. Here listed are some hints to reduce weight:

1. Fast daily for 16 to 20 hours. Eat during an 8, or even 4-hour window.

2. Cut back completely on junk food, rice, potato, pasta, cake, and starch.

3. Eat less, twice a day at the beginning and at the end of your eating window.

4. During fasting avoid calorie intake. Drink water, black coffee, tea, etc., but don’t add milk or anything caloric.

5. Maintain an exercise routine like MixPlayTV and participate in live classes. Or hit the gym, as well, for resistance training with weights or functional training which greatly improves strength and stability across a variety of movements.

The main key to staying in shape and healthy is the lifestyle chosen. We can be a workaholic and look for excuses, or we can embrace feeling good and make the effort to squeeze in time for exercise. At the end of the day, we are on a journey; to collectively maximize our healthspan by eating and drinking sensibly which goes hand in hand with the way we maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Take care!

Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Reckons (v) = thinks, considers, imagines, supposes, feels, deems, guesses, (ant) knows calcular

Fast(adj) = quick, rapid, highspeed, swift, immediate

Shed (n/v) = as a noun a shed is a storage space (wooden garden building). As a verb: 1: to give off in drops. They shed tears of joy. 2: to get rid of something. I'm trying to shed some extra pounds. 3: to give off or out. Your explanation shed light on the subject. 4: repel sense. The raincoats shed water derramar

Full out (phrasal verb) = as much or as far as possible; with maximum effort or power.

Fast (n) = period of time without eating or drinking anything caloric jejum

Starch (n) = corn flour amido

Healthspan (n) = the part of a person’s life during which they are generally in good health.

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